2021 Travel trends to look forward to

2020 was nothing short of an anxiety-ridden roller coaster ride, stress and anxiety overtook us, and we all were compelled to stay indoors to help contain the spread of the virus and keep ourselves and others safe in the process. Nothing would describe this year better than calling it a nightmare. The pandemic impacted our lives in more ways than just one; it caused major changes in our lives, which took us some time to get accustomed to. That said, apart from our lives in general, the travel industry was one of the worse affected sectors in the market. The pandemic kind of put a temporary halt to travel, but that really didn’t stop the avid travelers from wanderlusting. International trips were replaced by staycations and short trips to nearby places, apart from that, there are a couple of more travel trends that made a debut or comeback in 2020.

Since most borders were closed, and most importantly, ensuring everyone’s safety was the biggest concern, the idea of exploring the surroundings or locations close to our homes sounded safer and better. While this was one of the most significant changes we witnessed in the travel industry, there are a bunch of other travel trends that emerged during the pandemic and have changed our perception of traveling in 2021.


Renewed love for outdoors

Even amidst the continuous state of uncertainty and restrictions imposed nationwide, avid travelers managed to make the most out of the situation by exploring the great outdoors instead of jetting off to a different state or country. We are so fascinated by the idea of exploring distant places that we often overlook the ones we’re staying in. Every place has something extraordinary and exhilarating to offer, you just need to take your time out and explore the off-the-beaten-track to get to admire the true beauty of that particular place. The pandemic gave us the perfect opportunity to explore the best of the state, and that somehow renewed our love for the great outdoors.

Revised travel bucket list

Traveling requires time, money, and most importantly passion, and if you have all these with you, then there’s nothing that should be stopping you from ticking off the places on your bucket list unless you have been hit by a pandemic. While pandemic may have ruined many of your travel plans in 2020, it shouldn’t lower your spirits. Just because you are unable to travel internationally, it doesn’t mean there’s no scope for domestic travel as well. You can find an array of bucket-list-worthy destinations within your country itself, so do your research and revise your bucket list. You will be shocked to learn the number of stunning places you can visit within your country only.

Experiencing the vacation feeling

No matter how we much deny it, deep inside, we all are yearning for a relaxing holiday where we can just unwind, relax, and immerse ourselves in that particular moment completely. Just the idea of going on a vacation excites us, and we really can’t wait for things to go back to normal so that we can finally breathe a sigh of relief and experience the vacation feeling, which we have been yearning for almost a year now. We are hoping that travel will be back in a full-fledged way by the end of this year.

Reservations for popular attractions

As much as we are amused by the idea of visiting the popular attractions within the country or in the world, making reservations physically can be a really frustrating thing to do. It’s no secret that the popular attractions attract the most crowds, but the lockdown restrictions and safety concerns lead to the limited entry of visitors to popular attractions like museums, art galleries, etc. The visitors were required to bring timed reservation tickets, which made the entry process a lot neater and also saved the visitors from getting overwhelmed by crowds. We are hoping this trend will be around in 2021 as well, and it will be even better if this continues for years.

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