3 Days – Havana Itinerary The Land of Decaying Grandeur

The sub heading might surprise some people. The word ‘decaying’ is used and you might be thinking why decaying? Well, we have the answer.

The first flash at Havana is not very positive. It looks like some antiquated land with no civic maintenance done from ages. But besides those quivering architecture, there lies a cozy & young province who is trying to emerge of its diffidence with whatever resources left.

Then, why go to Havana?

Promenade the streets of Splendid City or take a ride in vintage car. Drink Mojitos or discover the huge art & political influences selection. Learn about one of the communist establishment still standing or listen to music drifting on laneways.

Let’s discuss the ideal 3-day itinerary across Havana

Day -1 – Explore Cuba’s capital, Havana’s old town & Cathedral. Start your day with breakfast with many good Cafes around. Café Bohemia is a decent choice (near Plaza Viejas). A very magnificent square encircled by colonial buildings.

Plaza de San Francisco de Asia a long name but it’s a beautiful 16th century built. Head on to Plaza De Armas. The most splendid of all is Palacios de los Capitanes Generales which is home to different historical artefacts & gives knowledge about ancient city.

Now, head straight to Castillo de la Real Fuerza & all the way to Cathedral at one end. An 18th century built, it’s more like a fort & less like a cathedral.

Move a bit ahead to witness tourists going crazy over cocktails at La Bodeguita del Medio, Hemingway’s drinking joints. Finally head to Centro de Arte Contemporaneo Wifredo Lam, a gallery for painters.

Its lunch time so try restaurants on Calle Aguiar, a tight lane. Museum of the revolution should be your next step. It can be boring for some peoples due to overloaded information but is great for knowing history. Another stopover is at Calle Obispo, Calle O’Reilly & Calle Mercaderes for some music & shopping. At evening enjoy some nightlife. There are many bars around.

Day -2 – Have breakfast at El Dandy, Plaza del Cristo. Real Partagas Cigar Factory is a tourist attraction where one can have fascinating view of inside a Cigar Factory. It takes around 45 minutes for whole trip and one can see ins and outs of this work. But the tickets are at a hotel around 30 minutes away from this.

Walk through the Gren Teatro & Capitolio Nacional to reach cigar factory.

 Vedado, an attractive suburba area across then move to necropolis and stop by Plaza De la Revolucion for a quick picture for few minutes & there is nothing much to do here otherwise. Finally reach Necropolis Cristobal Colon to relax from the chaos and hustle bustles of town.

There are many good eating options, but the best of all is Belview Café for relaxing at terrace & artistic ceilings. Head to John Lennon park & grab a quick icecream at Coppelia or drink at Cine Yara/Rampa 23. For evening head to Legends del Guajarito in old town. Its vintage shows shown here.

Day 3 – El Café is a good start for breakfast. Try pulled pork & yucca. Head on to southern old part for Pharmacy Museum which is a very beautifully presented place. Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes & Museo Lezama Lima, both air-conditioned and good for Cuban arts. Do a vintage car trip for around an hour and have a dinner at El-Cocinero & head to Fabrica de Arte Cubano to end your Havana trip in a great way.

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