5 Reasons why you need to visit Greenland for your next vacation

Visiting Greenland can be an extremely rewarding and remarkable experience. It is a land full of alluring mysteries, which despite being the largest island in the world, remains the least explored. Although Greenland has never been the top choice amongst the visitors for spending a wonderful vacation, the few travelers who visit this place are certainly left awe-inspired and most definitely are in for a treat. Greenland is home to a very less population, and for the most part, it remains draped with ice and mountains. Don’t let its name deceive you, Greenland boasts of massive and immense glaciers and not lush green fields.

Greenland is a literal heaven for all the avid adventurers and nature lovers out there. Apart from offering a breathtaking vast landscape, it also lets you witness some of the most stunning natural phenomena including, the midnight sun and northern lights. The experiences offered here are sure to leave any traveler all mesmerized and spellbound.

Listed below are some of the reasons to convince you into visiting Greenland on your next vacation.


Witness the incredible natural beauty

Greenland boasts of bountiful nature, and it is truly one of the most visually breathtaking places in the world. Besides featuring a series of spectacular sceneries, Greenland comprises of snow-clad peaks that rise from above the turquoise blue water. Other than that, the island also boasts of unique and diverse geological formations that date back to millions of years ago. You can also partake in some adventurous activities, such as hiking along the magnificent fjords to breathe in some fresh air and enjoy the views.


Exciting wildlife

Besides boasting of incredible natural beauty, Greenland also doesn’t lag behind in terms of the wildlife factor. Here you get an opportunity to spot some arctic wild species, including Minsk whales, seals, sea eagles, reindeer, polar bear, arctic wolf, muskox, and whatnot. Other than these few species, you can also spot narwhals that are very rare to find anywhere else and not to mention, myriad of bird species that can be found both on land and sky. Therefore, make sure to bring along your binoculars so that you don’t miss out on any species.


Learn about climate change

One of the greatest things you can learn on your visit to Greenland is the awareness regarding climate change. It can prove to be the most impactful vacation of your life, which can change your whole perspective on life. Greenland is all about those magnificent glaciers, and they are not just important for this island solely, apparently, it can change the current scenario of the world if the glaciers and ice caps keep melting at this rate. Due to the increased global warming, the ice in Greenland is melting at a rapid rate and, this is no good news for anyone. Therefore, before it gets too late, make sure to visit Greenland.


Rich and colorful indigenous culture

Another amazing highlight of your Greenland trip has to be learning about Inuit and Greenlandic culture. The natives of Greenland are extremely warm and welcoming, you can learn all about their rich and colorful culture straight from the horse’s mouth. The villages feature colorful houses, and they sport colored animal skin and beaded ensembles known as Kalaallisut on special occasions.


Witness the phenomenal northern lights

Witnessing northern lights is a one-of-a-kind experience, and Greenland offers plenty of opportunities to witness this natural phenomenon, thanks to its cold and dry climate. The splash of stunning colors dancing across the sky makes for such a breathtaking sight, and the best time to see northern lights in Greenland is during winters when the sky is the darkest.

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