5 Smallest Countries In The World Worth Visiting

If you’re heading for a short vacation, these travel destinations are a perfect pick for you.
Often small counties are not cited as the perfect destinations simply because of their size but the countries we have picked for you are small in size but there is no shortage of beauty and natural charm. Visiting these small countries is once in a lifetime opportunity and you’ll truly love the whole experience. So, if you want to know all the 5 countries, well, then keep on reading!


Vatican City

The smallest country in the world with an area of 0.2 miles is the gorgeous European charm the Vatican City. The country is a popular tourist hotspot with millions of travelers visiting the country every year.
The unique culture, stunning architecture, iconic monuments, and incredible food are a major draw for the tourists all around the year. To your surprise, the population of the country is just 800 and Pope also resides in Vatican City. If you’re heading to the country do visit the Vatican museum, a perfect place to know about the art and history of the country.
The best time to travel to Vatican City is between May and October.



The Maldives is there in every traveler’s list and we can simply understand why it is? Though a small country but is full of excitement and fun. The country is for those who love to undertake underwater adventures. The island nations offer you an experience to explore the amazing underwater world.
From kayaking, surfing, scuba diving, Whale and Dolphin adventure, to snorkeling there are endless water-based activities you can try out. The best part of traveling to the Maldives is that the nation offers a balmy climate all year round.
The best time to travel to the country is between December and March.



Palau is a cluster of about 250 islands and is another great spot to spend most of the time exploring the underwater world. The nation is not as crowded as the Maldives but is no way less than the Maldives.
Besides a captivating coastline, the nation also delights the visitors with their rich assortment of flora and fauna. Here, you get to explore the rare species of flora and fauna. If you’re heading to Palau, make sure you snorkel at the famous sting-less Jellyfish Lake.
The best time to travel to the country is between June to August.



Sandwiched between France and Spain, is the charming country Andorra. If you love to hit the slopes, backpack to Andorra and you’ll surely have an absolute time here. There are many other reasons that can compel you to travel to Andorra, a vast assortment of restaurants, incredible food, scenic beauty all around, laid-back culture, and stunning architecture are some of the reasons that attract world’s travelers.
If you’re planning to visit the country make sure you spend most of the time outskirts and discover the breathtaking valleys and naturalscape.
The best time to travel to the country is between April and October.



Niue is a small country in size but big in adventure, and thus a perfect place for the adventure seekers. The country throws endless opportunities to try on different quests. The lush forests, scenic beauty, pristine beaches, spectacular caves, and laid-back culture are a major attraction for travelers.
The best time to travel to the country is between May to October.

So, these were some of the tiniest countries that are great for a short vacation. We’re sure you’ll spend an abosulte time in these countries. We hope the feed turns out to be a great help!

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