5 Things You Need To Know Before Your Dubai Itinerary

The visit to the glitzy Gulf Emirate Dubai is often regarded as cynical. But, it’s hard not to be impressed by “the city of gold”. The city has witnessed tremendous growth from a sluggish Gulf port to the world-famous business hub. Tourism in Dubai is quite a buzz and flourishing tenfold, which means the city is a safer and welcoming spot for all those who are planning to visit the UAE. The emirate Dubai is world-renowned for its luxurious shopping malls with mammoth aquariums and indoor ski slopes, man-made islands (Palm Jumeirah, Deira Islands, Palm Jebel Ali, The World, and Bluewaters Island), world’s largest indoor theme park, world’s first rotating skyscraper, the stunning sunshine, vast coastline, barren desserts, and for its cultural highlights.

Where is Dubai? – The city is located in the east of the Arabian Peninsula and southwest of the Arabian Gulf.

The city hosts a high number of migrants and is one of the most diverse and unique cities of the world therefore it all makes worth visiting the place at least once. If you are planning to visit Dubai, here are a few things you should know before the visit, and that would turn out to be a great help. Keep reading!


There are only two types of the season in Dubai-hot and hotter. The summer in UAE is really very harsh and humid and it becomes quite impossible to wander in the city during the daytime and without a car or taxi. Many tourist attractions remain closed during summers such as Global village and desert safari- which is quintessential of Dubai and you can’t dare to miss these at any cost.
Hence the best time to plan a visit to the city is from October to February.

Safest Place

If there has to be one safest place we would recommend to all the solo female travelers this is it. Dubai is by far the safest city in the world, especially for women travelers. No misbehaving, eve-teasing, or harassment against women even if its late night has been seen.

Minimal Public Display Of Affection
As per the laws in Dubai, holding hands in public for married couples is still tolerable but kissing or hugging is an offensive act and you can be put behind the bars or charged with a large fine. Randomly addressing women, sexual harassment against women, or passing condemnatory glances, bad language, showing any sort of disrespect to the religion is subject to imprisonment and deportation. Therefore be cautious in following all the norms laid by the Dubai code.

What to Wear In Dubai
Dubai is very particular about their dress code especially if you’re planning to visit any religious or significant place in the city. The UAE is a Muslim country and follows the Sharia law. Hence, if visiting Dubai dress modestly. If you’re wondering what to wear in Dubai the feed would be a great help. We have decoded the right dress code for different spots. First of all the Dubai weather is very humid and in some parts, you can even see the temperature going up to 550 Celsius and its best to pack light and airy cotton clothes.

What Not To Wear

  • Too tight and fitted clothes
  • No see-through clothes
  • No bikinis and swimsuits
  • Clothes that should cover the midriff area
  • T-shirts with inapt slogans

Don’t Litter and Shopping Tips

Dubai imposes heavy fines on all those who litter around in the public places so make sure you don’t litter and always use a bin to trash. Dubai is shopper’s paradise and you may find slight variations in prices at different places for the same stuff, as there is no MRP concept over there. So, before you buy anything conduct an inquiry from 2-3 shops.

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