6 Australian Cuisines That You Need to Savour!

Australia is a place of charm, possibilities, joy, and peculiar food choices. The cuisine here borrows significant details from the Pacific, Atlantic, and Indian Ocean cooking methods, and the variety of foods included here are far from what you are habitual. This fact often baffles people, who wonder what it has in store for them. Hold tight, as we take you through what foods of Australian culture you need to try when you are traveling to the little continent. It is loaded with surprises!
1. Lamb Leg Roast

A good red meat roast is a Sunday favorite of all. Like Christmas Turkey, it binds people together with its aroma and great taste. It is slow-cooked in an oven with garlic and rosemary excess until red-brown burns show all over. Sitting beside the meat are many veggies that Aussies love like corn, more garlic, onions, potato, zucchini, baby carrots, etc. that make a heartful meal.
2. Meat Pie

A gladdening pie is what you need when you are tired, isn’t it? And it can come sweet or savory depending on what you crave. This delicacy has meat fillings seared in red wine, garlic, rosemary, Worcestershire, broth, and tomato paste, among other things. You might picture the insides shreddy and falling apart out of dryness, but it is delectably soupy and chunky with meat melting with even a touch of a knife. Beware, it is very hot inside!
3. Anzac Biscuits

Anzac biscuits make up a delightful snack for the locals and travelers like you. Made with the compassion of Australian oats, sea breeze flavor procured from coconuts and the vigor of thick golden syrup, these crunchy biscuits can be eaten throughout the day for your not-so-timely hunger tides. They can be eaten as desserts or you can pack them up for gifting to your friends back home!
4. Lamingtons

Coming from the traditional specialty are these sweet lamingtons. The dish is made up of flour, sugar, and your favorite butter. The fluffy cake bites are then rolled over in melted chocolate and snowed with generous amounts of coconut crumbs. The icing is appealing, and so is the puffed-up inside and this texture is heartwarmingly good for anyone who steals a bite.
5. Barramundi

Barramundi is a local fish that is used in a variety of ways to prepare local delectation. A eulogy to the hunger gods, a typical Australian Barramundi plate would have this bass in fillet cut, seared in butter, and enriched with black sesame seeds. The dish also accompanies a hit-and-miss mix of scallions, carrots, lime juice, and orange pulp. The plate is lastly turned thick and glossy with ginger-honey-wine dressing.
6. Kangaroo Meat Dimmies

Aussies and kangaroos have a great connection and it is evident thoroughly. However, to picture it as food for someone from the Atlantic sounds strange. The meat from Kangaroo is very lean and nutritious. The minced meat is lavishly mixed with green vegetables and flavorings like soy sauce, pepper, and garlic and then folded into cute dim sum pockets. Here, in Australia, the dim sums are often found fried, not like the usual steamed.
Here, now that you have got some basic idea of what Australian cooking consists of, you must be enticed enough to try these mouth-watering grubs. They are indeed tantalizing to your tastebuds just like the overly sized creatures native to the land. Your food experience here won’t be a guilty pleasure because there is a lot of fresh seafood and land-derived protein expected on your platter. And yes, the scope of barbeque and grills is immense in Australia so that you still feel at home!

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