7 Most exotic places around the World

There are many tourists’ filled places where one usually goes for a casual hangout, a business trip or for vacation with family or a romantic trip. Whatever the reason may be you need to understand that the world is not limited by only those few places & there is something for someone. Here we bring a list of those striking places where your wanderlust will crave & might never satiate fully such is the grandeur of these places.

Maui, Hawaii –

Maui is popularly known as “the Valley Isle” & that’s of its picturesque & panoramic lavish sceneries full of grandeur. The place boasts raw nature such that you name it & the part will be in front of you. It’s a tourist favorite for its murky peaks, stunning sunset’s scenes & stunning bamboo forests. The background shows state of the art surfing scenes & lustrous golden crescent beaches. The whole view spends to more than 120 miles & these lures are spread all through the Hawaii. Don’t forget to visit award-winning Kaanapali sands or the splendid crimson red sands of that of Kaihalulu.

Puerto Rico, Caribbean –

The Puerto Rico is famous for its tropical weather & sumptuous palm-fringed stunning beaches. The topography is arguably beautiful & the patchwork looks like some sort of patched blanket. It’s not wrong to pretend Puerto Rico as the most out of Ordinary Island in the Caribbean waters. El Yunque, a serpentine jungle is eminent for spotting tree frogs where one can delve into bioluminescent Mosquito Bay & see the sights around picturesque golden sands.

Colombia –

Sapphire water, hammocks & exotic beaches makes Colombia a stunning place to visit. The hike through Tayrona National Park is worth a visit plus a dream place to visit for an eco-traveler. It’s a place one always fantasizes like clean blue lagoons which are very beautiful and will make you go awe. The exotic island tropical fruits whose crunch is munching factor will make you like you are on cloud 9 such splendid is the place.

Fiji –

The beautiful country is part of the Australasia continent in the South Pacific. The place is full of deep gorges, mangrove woods & huge waterfalls. The natural pools add to the majesty of Fiji. There are around 300 islands in Archipelago & more than 200 reserved marine parks that offer some best soft coral diving. Fiji is also home to 5 turtle species, spinner dolphins & rare Fiji crested iguana all at one place so it’s a combined party.

Fuerteventura, Canary Islands – Uninhabited beaches, see-through water & hippy vibes makes a complete package for Fuerteventura’s Canary Island, the most attention-grabbing islet. Get yourself ready for trade winds that make the island a worthy territory for aquatic sports. If you are looking for some out of the box thing then head to its famed nudist beaches. What a raw nature.

Vis, Croatia –

The more we say the less it looks when it comes to describing Vis, a place difficult to explain via words and more easy to feel then to tell. It has some serious creation for a center of attention place in today’s time. The island hoppers would not want to leave the place under any circumstance no matter what happens. It’s all due to the panoramic cliffs & the staggering beaches. A short boat ride from Adriatic is all you need from the Split, a Croatian town in order to look at the secluded covers around. Also enjoy a boat to Stiniva, a characteristically out of sight beach that’s labeled as the pinnacle in Europe.

French Polynesia –

Another exotic travel destination on our list is French Polynesia, the place where bright green Lagoons with Emerald luster with strong Vanilla fragrance fill the whole place. Vanilla is accompanied by Tiare Tahiti & chocolate smell around the air. It’s almost impossible to stopover all 5 archipelagos (which means a total of 118 islands), so head-over to Maupiti, the unscathed islet. The beaches are sparkly white & with lots of supernatural caves & Mount Te’urafa’atiu which offers splendid views.

The world is full of hidden wonders & the above mentioned places will help you to be not one but several miles closer to nature you will feel it’s a nature’s paradise. So give a visit.
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