Alluring places to visit when in Belgium

Belgium is the place where you can get to experience the old world with the contemporary lifestyle. You can visit and watch old castles, buildings, houses, churches and also some of the beautiful modern architecture. This country is a mesmerizing and alluring country that has so much to offer to its visitors. You can not only enjoy visiting and looking at the fusion of the vintage and modern world but you also get to enjoy the famous beer and chocolates.
This country and its people are friendly to everyone and you will feel welcomed here. If you like this place and want to know where you can visit when here, look at the list of alluring places you can go to when in Belgium.


Brussels, the capital city of Belgium is one of the most visited places by tourists when here. This place is home to great museums, palaces, and other ancient buildings with amazing architecture. This place is not only for the ancient buildings and architecture but also for its amazing clubs and pubs. You can enjoy your day exploring the buildings and the city and can enjoy the night time in these stunning clubs and pubs. You can make your holidays more memorable by opting for some sightseeing options when here.


Now when in Belgium how can you muss the culture and traditions of this place and most importantly how can you miss the great food offered here. This city, Antwerp is all about culture, art, and amazing food and beer. Visit this place and get to experience the wonderful culture of this place. Get to see the amazing architecture and some trendy artwork in galleries and museums. Enjoy your visit here with some delicious food and refreshing beer. You can also visit the famous Antwerp Zoo to get to see some animals.


If you are here to know and explore the ancient world then this is the place for you. Bruges is one of the best medieval towns in today’s modern world that is well preserved and still has the old-world charm. This city has beautiful canals and vintage buildings and houses. This town is a small town which can be explored just by walking. Here you can see different buildings that are made some centuries ago and are still intact to this date. In this city you can enjoy the delicious chocolates, can view delicate artworks and lacework, can enjoy the beauty of the city by cruising through the canal, and many more.


Do you like trekking and biking and having an adventure-filled vacation? If so, then this is the right place for you to spend your vacations at. This place offers trekking, camping, biking, and other adventure-filled activities. This is a hilly destination in Belgium and has a thick cover of forest and caves. Known for its wildlife and animals this place is one of the ideals for your vacations. Plan a one-day trip to this hilly area and get to experience the fun-filled adventure and to view such a scenic landscape.


Mons is the place you visit when you are looking for some relaxed vacations and to have some peace and be at ease. This place has beautiful streets and monuments. One of the best places to visit in Belgium, you can visit the famous Van Gogh house here in Mons. This house is a must-visit place to see some reproduction of his artwork. This is a gothic-style town and has a rich architecture that you can enjoy while walking down the cobbled streets.

Enjoy your vacation to this country where you can get to explore and experience the best of the world. You get to look at the museums, ancient mansions, and buildings, and at the same time, you get to experience the modern lifestyle. Amusement parks and arcades are a fun activities to do when here. Make your list of places you want to visit when in this country. Get some ideas from the list above to see which place you can visit and make the most of your trip. Make sure your trip is incredible and filled with fun.

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