American Thanksgiving vs. Canadian Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is an important festival on the American continent. It is here that it originated so the true tradition can only be grasped here. But have you ever wondered why different countries would celebrate it differently? Yes, that is a fact indeed. In the United States, Thanksgiving is viewed from a different lens whereas the Canadian Thanksgiving has another basis. So let us plan our travel plans by understanding how the two continents celebrate Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving in America versus Thanksgiving in Canada

1. The Dates

1. The Dates

Thanksgiving in America is celebrated in the month of November whereas Canadian begin Thanksgiving fervor a month early than its southern counterpart, that is, in the month of October. The reason could be the variation of geographical location, wherever the season shifts to cold early. The fall hits Canada a little before what Americans experience in November. So there is a major difference in when the festive fall mood kicks in and in what capacity.
The tradition of Thanksgiving also started centuries before it started officially in the United States.

2. Going Out

Going Out

Americans like to celebrate thanksgiving with much pomp and show and the upcoming Black Friday is hastily looked forward to but the same spirit of shopping madness is not seen in Canada. It is a much simpler festivity in Canada where the weekend is pretty chill and the vibes are soaked in while spending quality time in serenity rather than rejoicing in the fury of shopping. You will see most Canadians traveling to meet their family and utilizing the occasion as nothing more than that.

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3. The Significance

The Significance

While many Americans see the occasion associated with the Mayflower and the significance of gratitude stands out, Canadian view Thanksgiving from a historical perspective rather than a cultural one. In Canada, Thanksgiving is associated with past glories of people and hence the occasion is not an emotional run down as it has been observed in America. Americans use the weekend as a great opportunity to get a break from their routine and do exciting things gulping down the thankful spirit.

4. Things to do

Things to do

Well as far as American Thanksgiving is considered, the weekend is pretty planned. First comes Thanksgiving which is spent having the best meals with family and friends. Thereafter begins the shopping fever which is an exciting opportunity for hoarding and to make yourself beam with joy. But Canadians wouldn’t be seen crowding the sporting spots or participating in lavish parties as that happens in America. They believe it to be a pretty event. The dinner might be held on any day over the weekend.

5. Foods


There is no doubt that the food culture changes from country to country, from region to region. The same logic fits in this case. The pies, the cornbread, the flavor of Turkey, and the stuffing have many variations when Canadian Thanksgiving and an American one are compared. It is said that the pumpkin pie eaten in Canada is many spicy notes because of the deliberate infusion of spices as compared to the sweeter make of the typical American sweet pumpkin relish!


So these were the major differences in the Thanksgiving spirit of the Americans and the Canadians. If you are planning to travel to either during fall, look for the dates to make sure you don’t miss anything, and most certainly the amazing food! The events will be there with beautiful decorations that will rejuvenate your festive spirit that waited for a thrill since Halloween ended. You will feel the difference right away. If you have family in Canada that you have to visit, you have missed out but hey, there is no fixed time to spend time with family!

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