Appetizing food you must try when you make a trip to The Food Center of Japan

The Food Center of Japan, Tokyo needs no introduction. The whole world knows about how fine the food in Tokyo is. People from all over the world visit Tokyo for its attractions and enticing food. This city provides a variety of all sorts of cuisine, from local and traditional Japanese cuisine to all types of international dishes. The only problem you might face in Tokyo is the difficulty to find displeasing or distasteful food. Tokyo has a range of restaurants from small businesses to Michelin star restaurants. 


So, if you are traveling to Tokyo and are confused about what to try, we got you covered. Look at the list to know must-try food in Tokyo.



Sushi is one of those food items you think of whenever you hear the word Japan or Tokyo. This is that dish that looks pretty easy to make but needs years of practice to reach the level of perfection while making this. This delicacy is available everywhere in the country and is a must-try whenever visiting Tokyo. You can have sushi freshly made for you at fine dining or try the famous conveyor belt restaurants that allow you to taste different kinds of sushi at a very reasonable per plate price. 



This is not only famous around the globe but also in Japan. You can easily find one ramen shop on every street and corner. This has gained popularity in recent times. Ramen is a thick, rich soup base with noodles and meat and vegetables. You can customize ramen according to your taste. There are so many different kinds of restaurants available in Tokyo from Michelin stars to local street shops. You can enjoy ramen in a group or alone at the famous Ichiran where there are siting arrangements at the counter and people are separated by dividers. This helps people to enjoy the flavorful dish and give it all their attention.


Wagyu beef

This beef melts in the mouth. Literally! This beef is so soft, tender, and flavorful that is usually enjoyed by just grilling it without any marinade. You can dip it in the slightly sweet sauce provided with it if you want. This might be a little expensive but for a slice of meat that need not be chewed and which melts smoothly in the mouth, it is worth it. This is more like a once-in-a-lifetime experience. You can enjoy different cuts and grades of this meat. In some restaurants, this is prepared in front of you and served right after.



Unagi means freshwater eel. This is an ancient, traditional delicacy that is famous for its richness and deliciousness. The eel is grilled and then painted with a layer of glace known as tare. Charcoal is used to grill high-quality freshwater eel or unagi. This is usually served with rice. You can enjoy appetizers made of different parts of the eel before having this with rice. Unagi can be a bit expensive but need not worry you can get smaller portions and get a taste of this traditional delicacy that dates back hundreds of years.


Tokyo sweets

We are talking about spicy or salty food but what about the sweet of Tokyo? Tokyo has several amazing traditional sweets to enjoy. There are cakes shaped in the form of dolls or animals and are filled with red bean paste. You can enjoy the famous dorayaki, two pancakes joined and filled with sweet paste. Other sweets to enjoy in Tokyo are mochi, anmitsu, soft-serve ice cream, shaped ice topped with sweet syrups and fruits, and many more.

These are some of the top foods you can try in Tokyo. Tokyo is the city where you can experience the old traditional way of living and the modern contemporary world. Tokyo has a lot to offer its visitors and thus a large number of visitors flock to Tokyo and enjoy their time in the city. You can enjoy fine dining, international dining, casual dining, and even proper theme-based dining as well in Tokyo. Plan a trip and enjoy your time in this city. 

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