Best Countries Around The World That Serves An Appetizing Gastronomy

We all are the type who will trek the different pieces of the world for food. And that’s what brought you to the feed, right? A hardcore foodie can excavate any corner of the earth just to savor an exquisite morsel. Undoubtedly traveling is something that liberates us to relish diverse gastronomies offered at different places in the world. The delectable taste offered by different corners is not something to taste but also satiates our soul and that’s what a big-time foodie can relate to.

A good food experience actually makes us grin and when the world offers an immense palette of varied cuisines then why not to explore that. Every dish conveys a story, the story of the maker, the place, heritage, and its origin. That makes us much more excited with anticipation of what comes next! Food is a great way to make some indelible memories that would bring nostalgia whenever we will step back in time. The more we travel, the less confine we are to the flavors and experience that the world is a giant platter that surely needs to be tasted.

It would not be wrong to say that travel and food are indispensable. So if you’re on a hunt for next destination that serves the best culinary here are a few additions to your culinary wish list. The perfect places for the irrevocable love we have for the world’s rich gastronomy.



It’s no surprise as this place is not only famous for iconic landmarks but also for its food. Italian food is a giant platter with diverse flavors and ingredients served in every Italian region. The taste is not restricted to one place rather as you will traverse around the country you will see every region is packed with own flavors. The unique blend of spices, vegetables, cheese, fish, and meat makes the Italian cuisine enticing.

If we need to categorize Italian cuisine it would be keeping the taste and ingredients to be simple for everyone to understand and relish. The amazing dishes that can make you pin Italy as your next destination are Bicerin, Gelato, Pizza, Bottargo, Lasagna, and Risotto.


The Czech Republic

You might not think Prague to be a foodie destination but unless you relish it on your own you’re living in a myth. Prague is a dream spot for every carnivore but that’s doesn’t mean the place is not an option for a vegetarian treat. The location savors a merge of diverse flavors with some of the best traditional food. The place is brimming with excellent restaurants that are perfect for a food tour.

The menu of Prague serves the foodie with a delicious taste that no one is to blame you if you never want to leave the place. The best of the Czech Republic gastronomy include Apricot Dumplings, Vetrnik with tiramisu, Kolache pastries, Schnitzel, Buchty, and Trdelnik that are sure to be stodge with. But the menu is not restricted to these items only you can surely discover the immense Prague menu and look at what satiates you the best.



This one is no surprise. The country is a dream destination for the world’s traveler and despite the great technological advancements and pristine landscape, Japan has preserved its glorified past intact. It would not be an overhyped statement if we name Japan as the food capital of the world and you’ll relate once you relish it.

The place is full of so much to eat, drink, and experience. The appetizing street food, traditional dishes, and excellent cafes and restaurants make Japan as a true foodie destination. The epic gastronomy of Japan is vast with world-famous dishes like Sushi, Udon, Soba, Gyudon, Onigiri, Shabu Shabu, Kare raisu, and the list can be subjective based on your own food experience of the place.



This Central Asian country is a rich platter of flavors and traditional food that will make you fall in love. The Uzbek cuisine is characterized as a blend of culinary traditions of Turkic people. The culinary practices of the location revolve around the main ingredients of meat, mutton, and beef but that’ doesn’t imply it’s a skip for vegetarians.

The best of Uzbekistan Culinary includes Plov, Shurpa, Dimlama, Chuchvara, and fried Lagman with a vegetarian platter of dishes like Manty, Lentil soup, grilled potatoes, rice, and pasta.

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