Cambodia – The Exquisite & Quick Guide to Main Tourist Places

Cambodia is an astoundingly astonishing country located in the South-Asia region. The country is known for its super-amazing and pristine landscapes, some of the amazing historic ruins, the best ancient temples, and a coastline.

Rightly called the Land of Khmer, the country boasts of sublime historic memories.

The country very easily attracts more than a thousand visitors of vivid interests and cultures. Cambodia is still attached to its roots with traditional villages and other cultures still maintained.

Let’s Explore,

Angkor Wat 

It’s an absolute must-visit this temple if you’re in Cambodia, which is without any doubt the greatest attraction in the city of Cambodia.

The temple is visited by many tourists from across the globe and enjoyed for its serene beauty and awe-striking visuals.

  • One of the 7-wonders of the world
  • UNESCO world heritage site
  • 7-headed Naaga, lion guarded stone way gate
  • Magnificent Panorama
  • Keep at least 3 hours for enjoying here
  • Many travelers say that its an absolute once in a lifetime experience
  • Feel spellbound from the art
  • Hire a guide to understand more efficiently and click nice pictures at some ravishing locations
  • Try to follow the apt dress code there

Recommended Itinerary since it needs time from regular on-goers, “Day 1 Ta Prohm, Ta Nei, Angkor Thom – Victory Gate, Terrace of the Leper King, Terrace of the Elephants, Bayon

  •  Day 2 Angkor Wat, Preah Khan, Ta Som”
  • One-time magic to let yourself dissolved off

Battambang Bat Caves 

An absolutely stunning experience for nature lovers and to see millions of bats come out and make incredible designs and flip flops in the sky.

An extremely surreal and sublime experience that you wouldn’t see anywhere else also.

  • More than 1.5 million+ bats leave the cave together after sunset and see them make their flocks is an incredible experience
  • Chairs and tables are arranged at regular intervals for guests to sit and relax
  • One tip is to reach their early to experience the mountain and killer caves and then come by 5 PM to the rooftop terrace to get the best view of Bats

La Plantation 

Source – TTA

An eco-friendly sustainable project and a perfect combination of traditional farming mixed with modern processing.

La plantation produces many pepper varieties primarily.

According to La Plantation Spokesperson, “La Plantation has also a social dimension by improving the living conditions of many people in this rural area and by taking care of the primary school. You can enjoy our spices in our two restaurants (Khmer and French), or join a Khmer cooking class. You can also experience a tour in the rural countryside up to Secret Lake in a cart pulled by water buffaloes.”

  • Black, Red, White Kampot pepper and the exclusive Fresh Salted Kampot Pepper, Red Long Pepper, Turmeric, Bird Chili, and local fruits
  • Grown for high-standard
  • A guide presents in English, French, and Khmer languages
  • You can also enjoy a cooking class at La Plantation, or a buffalo tour from the secret lake, or enjoy a sunset dinner
  • Get breathtaking views and an unforgettable experience.

Choeung Ek Genocidal Center 

See-through the horrible execution ground of the Khmer Rouge area. It’s one of the warmest experiences ever and one must understand one of the most gruesome happenings in Cambodia’s history, genocides.

  • A mirror to the history
  • 13 Km South of Main Center, 60 to 90 minutes more than enough to explore
  • Khmer Rouge Atrocity site


Beng Melea, Banteay Srey, and Banteay Samre 

 40 minutes journey from Siem Reap. Well-maintained walkways, stunning beauty, and surreal beauty.

Beng Mealea (= Lotus Pond)

  • Bring lots of fluid on this trip
  • Arrange a separate as the distance is far for the normal TukTuk
  • One can visit on way back from the Kulen mountains and give yourself at least an hour to dissolve into the atmosphere and related vibes.
  • A less visited temple and less crowded
  • Visit the Kampong Phluk a floating village on the Tonle Sap Lake, on way back to Siem Reap. Tonle Sap Lake is the largest freshwater lake of S.Asia!


Long Set, Sok San, Coconut, and Independence beach 

These are some of the most recommended beaches when exploring the Cambodian Coast Lines.

Long Set beach is really clean and nice. Party people will love it very much due to lots of parties happening daily.

  • Long Set beach has 4Km+ of warm waters
  • Rent a motorbike to enjoy max
  • Sok San is another lovely beach and a paradise
  • Sok San is a white sand beach and not much crowded at albeit at peak times
  • Sok San is the clearer beach in respect to other
  • Out of all Coconut is peaceful than others. White sand, clean water, and decent shade, minimal seaweed
  • One can also stay in Coconut beach bungalows
  • One can see some really cute planktons at the coconut beach bungalow as well.
  • Not noisy, however, fewer options in vegetarian
  • Less Snorkeling is possible on coconut beach and overall a small but clean beach and since water is not so deep at sea, it is pretty normal to walk around 150m into the sea
  • Independence Beach is least recommended out of all since recently due to increased construction activities and plastic use increase, its not very clean so think before going.


It is difficult to cover Cambodia’s richly diverse culture, 50+ tourist places for everyone, and over 1000+ hidden gems!

Places like Mekong River, Royal Palace, Wat Banan temple, National parks, Angkor Thoms, Angkor museums, Distillery, Pagodas, Archaeological parks, Koh Trong, etc. are still left to be explored which we will cover in our upcoming articles for sure.

There are many historic relics, ancient ruins, a horrible past where genocides happened, and yet all-time increasing urbanization will pave the future path for Cambodia.

A popular method of commotion in Cambodia is Tuk-Tuk services which cost around $5 to $8 per day and are suited for normal distances.

For longer distances, a private driver is a better option because no one wants a tiring and joints aching kind of trip. Also, it is useful to keep bug repellents and Water-bottles at all times due to high heat especially for persons traveling from countries like Europe.

Enjoy safety and sustainability as well. Keep everything neat and tidy as we want our own homes to look.

Thanks for reading

Happy traveling!

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