Delicious food items to eat in Turkey

Turkey is a wonderful country with amazing buildings and history along with its culture and delicious food. This country is a blend of Asian and European dishes and cultures. A trip to Turkey would be an amazing one with all the monuments and buildings, the famous palaces, the amazing nightlife and so much more. Along with the stunning places to visit and explore you can also have delicious food when you are here. There is a huge range of dishes for you to try, from street food to fine dine-ins. From seafood to sweet dishes to barbecue and so much more. Turkish food is very diverse and you will get dishes to your preferences and tastes easily. Look at the list of dishes that you can try when you are in turkey.
1: Katmer

Katmer is a sweet, delicious pastry dish made with crispy dough and is filled with pistachio, butter, and cream. The outside of the pastry is flaky and crispy and the inside is filled with a delicious mix. Although this can be eaten as a dessert, people here prefer to eat it as a breakfast. There is a belief that the pistachio in this dish provides them energy and helps them be energetic throughout the day. This is a delicious dish and is also an important one. This is a dish that has a significant role in Turkish weddings as well.
2: Lahmacun

This is one of the popular dishes that you can have in turkey. This is a dish consisting of a flatbread that is then topped with different kinds of things such as vegetables, meat, some other ingredients such as herbs onions and tomatoes, various spices, and so on. You can have it as a pizza or can create a wrap with the break rolled along with the filling inside such as pickles, peppers, lettuce, and other things. This baked bread is delicious and this is a nice meal to have when you are strolling on the streets and exploring new places.
3: Dürüm

Dürüm is a Turkish wrap that is made with the delicious lavash break and is filled with meat. This meat is commonly made by placing the vertical rotisseries and placing the marinated meat on it and allowing the meat to cook slowly by the heating things present next to it. The outer layer of the meat is cut and placed on the bread which is then rolled or just served on a plate. You can also get some fries and other things along with the wrap.
4: Baklava

The world-famous dessert, baklava originated from turkey. This is one of the famous desserts that people enjoy here with tea. This sweet dish is made with layers of dough that are filled with a mixture of several dry fruits and nuts. This layering is then held by sweet syrup. This dish is baked until the pastry is crispy. You need to have this dish when you are here in turkey. This is a delicious sweet dish to try.
5: Imam Bayildi

This is a vegetarian option that is super delicious. This dish comprises of using a whole eggplant and slow cooking it in olive oil. This dish has tomatoes, peppers, onion, and garlic, and is a great entree. If you are a vegetarian then you get a whole eggplant filled with tomatoes cooked in olive oil. If you eat meat then you get meat instead of tomatoes in the eggplant. You can have it with bread and cream. This is a delicious and filling entree.

The list above tells you about some of the very popular and delicious dishes that you can have when you are here. There are some food items that you can get to go and can enjoy while strolling around the streets. There is so much to learn when you are here. Do not miss any historic monument, get to know about the rich and immense history of this country. Enjoy the modern city life here and enjoy the stunning landscape. This country has so much to provide to its visitors that you would feel amazing after a vacation here in turkey. Enjoy your time here in this alluring country.

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