Exclusive European Destinations to visit this year

Europe is one such continent that attracts everyone. It has even earned a title for itself and people often address it ” Europe trip” whenever they go for this particular vacation. European countries are full of some of the vibrant places that everyone dreams to visit. Be it Italy, Germany, France or Austria, ever country has something or the other to offer. They are well known for their cool restaurants and cafes; happening nightlife; historic museums and outstanding architecture. So it can be really difficult to shortlist the places when you plan for your trip to Europe. Use the list below in which we have mentioned some exotic places you can consider visiting.

High Tatras, Slovakia

There is something chimerical to the High Tatras of Slovakia. If you are not well aware of this particular European country, then we must tell you that it is a landlocked place that lies in the eastern part of Central Europe. And what actually the High Tatras are? They are lofty realms of plunging waterfalls and crooked peaks. The place remains covered by a snow blanket throughout the year and its forests are home to some fearsome beasts. And you know which is the most fascinating part? These bears have been eradicated from almost all the world and only thrive in this rugged region. Apart from wildlife watching, you can even go for a hike to Gerlach, Slovakia’s highest peak. You would never want to come back to earth once you visit this awesome place.

The Arctic Coast Way, Iceland

Next on our list is this place that is on the bucket list of almost every traveler. Iceland is visited by many people every year with the most visited places being the famous Golden Circle and Reykjavik. Some also opt for going to the west and even the far-flung east but there are only a few that head to its north side.

When we talk about the Arctic Coast Way, it is something that has been recently founded and runs 800 km from Bakkafjörður in the east to Hvammstangi in the west. It covers around 21 villages and four islands on the northern coast of Iceland. The place is covered with many natural wonders of the country. That is what Iceland is actually famous for. There are many colossal glaciers, thunderous waterfalls, and steaming fumaroles that provides you with ample opportunities for wildlife watching, wilderness adventures, and snow sports.

Shetland, Scotland

Shetland Islands are the northernmost point of the UK and not many are able to reach this beautiful spot. It lies 170 kilometers off the coast of Scotland. This is the reason it is something that lies on the off-beaten path and only the hardiest of adventurers prefer to visit it. You must visit this place as it offers its visitors some unique experience with wicked wildlife watching, awesome coastal trails and chip shops. And it is certainly not something that is easily accessible. You have to earn a visit to Shetland by taking an overnight ferry from Aberdeen. The route to the islands is itself an adventure and once you put your foot on this road you would feel like you are in an altogether different world.

Lyon, France

Lyon has always been overshadowed by Paris. Of course, it does not have a kind of reputation as the capital city of France but it has something that it is worth a place considered visiting. It is a charming place that has some awesome bistros, duel riverfronts. The place has come under a global spotlight in 2019 as it hosted the FIFA Women’s World Cup in the month of July. This vibrant city is on its way to becoming the next French city on the list of darling international visitors.

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