Explore the hidden gems in Italy

Italy is a land of ancient ruins, indefinite charm, and gorgeous destinations. It is undoubtedly one of the most attractive places to visit in the world which has nothing but amazingness to offer. While the country is mostly known for three famous cities including Rome, Florence, and, Venice but it’s also home to some of the hidden gems that are waiting to be explored. We are not saying that these three cities are overhyped or are not worth exploring, they are equally beautiful but due to their worldwide popularity, all these places tend to get extremely crowded and not to mention pretty expensive as well. Sometimes, it’s great to choose the off-beat path and make your own way around the country. And all these hidden gems of the country are sure to steal your heart away with whimsical vibes, never-ending charm, narrow alleyways, and breathtaking scenery. No matter the place you visit, each one is equally gorgeous in its own way which is sure to give you an experience that’s worth remembering for life.

Without any further ado, let’s go through the article to discover all the underrated places in Italy that are waiting to be explored.



Trieste is a place that’s a melting pot of cultures. Here you can see the influences of Germanic, Slavic and Latin culture which has left different marks on different spots of the city. The town is packed with vibrant and grand architecture that takes the beauty of this place to a whole new level. The city has a very strong resemblance to Vienna and that’s because the city in its earlier days used to be ruled under the Austro-Hungarian Empire. When in Trieste, you simply cannot miss out on exploring the Piazza Unità D’italia which is not only so stunning to look at but it’s also the largest seafront in the entire Europe.



Bergamo is yet another town in the country that is often ignored by travelers due to the fame and charm of Milan. We can assure you, a visit to Bergamo, a small hill town in Lombardy is definitely worth your time and visit. Visiting this place guarantees you a lot of good time that is far better than visiting the city that is full of crowds. The city has a very romantic vibe to it and it’s most probably one of the prettiest places you can visit in Italy. The streets, old palaces, everything about this place is breathtaking and that’s what makes this city a picturesque piazza in the whole country.



A town located on the hilltop above the Amalfi coast is one of the scenic locations you can visit in the country. It offers some of the most majestic views of the beautiful surroundings comprising of colorful groves, dense vineyards, flower-draped terraces, and the Salerno bay. For all those people who are looking to spend their day in the country in a quiet and peaceful environment, you should definitely check this place out where you can experience the Mediterranean food, stunning seaside view and of course, the Italian charm.



The fact that it has been declared a UNESCO world heritage site is convincing enough to let the other person known about the kind of beauty this place has to offer. It’s one of the most unique places you can visit in the country which houses several cone-shaped white buildings that exudes fairytale vibe. Ancient buildings and remarkable drywall construction are other best highlights of this whimsical location.



It’s possibly the only place in the country where the past and the present collides in the most astonishing and breathtaking way. Unlike many other cities, Siena has a very welcoming and medieval vibe to it which provides you an opportunity to discover the city up close by delving deeper into the offerings of the area. If you decide to come by this location during summers then make sure to enjoy the Palio horse race which features ornate medieval costumes worn by the participants as well as the bright and colorful banners that cover the town.

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