Fiji – A Multi-Faceted Tourism Guide to Pristine Travel Points

Fiji officially named the Republic of Fiji, is an island country in Melanesia, part of Oceania right in the South-Pacific Ocean, and lies 1100 Nautical miles NE of New Zealand.

Surrounded by the surreal blue waters of the Koro Sea, Fiji Island are nothing but the most beautiful and exotic destination for a vacation.

Fiji Islands are a paradise for tropical vacations.

The everlasting and glowing beauty leaves a sublime façade of beauty and life-long memories. The natural spots are sober for any photography and nature admirers.

Each island within FIJI has a story and culture of its own to tell. One can sunbathe on the shores or feel the pristine views of nature that gives an ever-lasting inner peace

Not only this, as the incredible Flora and Fauna are sure to stun you beyond any limit. Each island is equally filled with incredible gleaming and lustrous blue water, white sand, and stunning greenery.

The ultimate list of FIJI islands will help you fill the tick for your next vacation

Let’s Explore,



Nadi is one of the most visited and tourist’s first stops in Fiji. Situated right on the mainland of Viti Levu, the multi-cultural Fiji town is home to some exotic locations and the first to peep into the Fijian Culture.

Sabeto Hot Springs and Mud Pool – Enjoy a mud bath and thermal springs bath. Massage facility also available. Smear yourself with incredible mud layers and get dirty only to get super-clean afterward. A very fun experience for all persons alike. It is 10 mins from Garden of Sleeping Giants and about 25 mins from the main road.

The location provides a separate facility for men and women for toilets, clothes change room, says a visitor.

  •  The surrounding views are awesome
  • Garden of the sleeping giant – Roam through 2000+ different orchid plantations, started in 1977 by late actor Mr. Burr
  • Tivua Island, Fiji – Do water activities like short scuba diving, shallow beach, book captain cook cruises for a proper time here, and an incredible value for money trip.
  • Navala village – One of the most stunning Fiji villages. See the traditional bures (thatched huts home) only in here as many other villages are now replaced with other concrete buildings. Around 2-4 hours’ drive from Nadi.


Denarau Island

Take your luxury holiday spend to the next level with the Denarau island tour. Denarau Island is one stop to some of the best high-end resorts, sandy beaches, and 18-hole golf courses range.

It’s undoubtedly, the south pacific’s most attractive destination for holidaymakers for a little relaxation.

  • Port Denarau Marina – As per officials, “Only 20 minutes drive from Nadi International Airport, Port Denarau Marina is Fiji’s premier marina facility. As the hub of the integrated Denarau Island Resort, Port Denarau Marina is the gateway to exploring our idyllic sun-drenched tropical isles of Fiji’s West Coast”
  • Port Marina is the main shopping and dining area
  • Momi Battery Historical Park – Historic Relic of WWar-II see lots of vintage guns here and rusted war machines.
  • Day cruises – Authentic Fijian Day cruise and Thomas Cook are highly-rated and provide the best services. Enjoy the peaceful beauty of Fiji
  • Spa – Westin spa, Island surf spa, Bebe spa are some top names where luxury comes with a relaxing spa
  • Whitetip Marine Adventures for scuba diving adventures



While Denarau island is for a luxurious trip, Suva is more on the natural side with islands, museums, and gardens that are major sightings here

  • Dravuni Islands – This remote south-pacific island is a very famous and top-rated tourist destination. Get hugely welcomed by islanders, great for swimming and snorkeling too. Speed boat tours are available and the water is absolutely clear
  • Colo-I-Suva Forest Park – Enjoy your heavenly dip in some natural swimming pools, then follow along the trail and keep your ear, eyes ready to spot the numerous bird species.

Local tip by locals- “Hop into a taxi into the rain forest and ask them to park ‘at the bottom’ this will save you time as you won’t be walking down 2 kilometers of steep decline.”

  • Fiji Museum – 5 minutes’ drive from Fiji, Suva. Museum has archaeological findings that are as old as 3500 years +. The time needed is 1-3 hours max.
  • Mt. Korobaba – An extremely difficult hike. Almost impossible on rainy days to travel. Not for non-walkers but rewards are aplenty at the top.



Wrap your Fiji adventures with the final and full adventure-lover and a natural spot at Sigatoka for an amazing pristine beach view to sparkling nature tours and don’t forget the caves.

  • Natadola Beach – Hands-down the finest Fijian beach. Natadola will mesmerize you with Pure White sand, shade trees, horses, and other fun activities. In short, Serenity at its best
  • Kula wild adventure park – As per the Fiji Tourist guide, “Kula WILD Adventure Park is a 28-acre property set in 3 valleys, with 12 acres of coastal forest open to visitors. Huge walk-through enclosures put the visitor inside the habitats of our resident parrots, doves, water birds & reptiles. Marine displays of Ocean turtles, soft & hard coral and tropical fish provide a glimpse of the spectacular marine world that surrounds the 300+ Islands of Fiji.”
  • Biausevu Waterfall – The trip will be deemed incomplete unless one comes here. Meet locals who drink Kava, do a short forest trek, and go on any medium like horse or foot to reach here.
  • Sigatoka Sand Dunes National Park – Fiji’s most unique wonders. The national park is an amazing nature show of wind, water, and vegetation. A piece of evidence to the past. Choose the right time before the sun comes out. Enjoy the geography, geology, and ocean
  • Naihehe Caves – The group of caves was once a fortress of a cannibal tribe and still contains the past to gruesome cannibal history. Caves are very massive. GO with a proper tour company to enjoy it better.

This wraps our article and showed you a quick peep into the surreal and stunning island of Fiji with equally staggering places. There is something for everyone.

From culture to luxury, and from sea to dunes, the country covers everything.

Take a moderate time to spend here and in fact, this blog is not properly adequate for such a multi-diverse and multi-faceted nature’s glory, Fiji.

We will come with more interesting tour articles across the globe.

Thanks for reading

Happy traveling!

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