First-Timers Guide To The Land Of Carnival Brazil

Brazil is every traveler’s dream destination and probably because of the country’s vivid contrasts. You can find everything on your trip to Brazil from historical towns, pristine beaches, towering skyscrapers, breathtaking natural views, and to biologically rich tropical forests everything in the land of the carnival. This sounds a perfect destination for the Avant grade travelers who want to seek everything from one place.

But, since the largest country in South America and the fifth-largest in the world it’s not easy to explore the country at one go, and neither it’s easy to plan a travel guide. Your travel guide should be based on one approach that works really well when you’re to excavate such a big and diverse ground and i.e. to not to explore everything at one go. The lively culture, delectable cuisine, buzzing streets, strong and rich history, and sizzling contrasts attract the world’s traveler but you can’t explore all that in your one trip. So, what are the best places to visit in Brazil when it’s your first time?

Well, we have got you covered! The feed will introduce you to the best places you can visit on your first trip to the country. Don’t forget to add them to your Brazil itinerary.


Cristo Redentor, Rio de Janeiro

This comes as no surprise! Being the iconic symbol of the country you have to surely explore this place on your first trip to Brazil and see what makes this such a hype. And we are sure you won’t regret capturing the Deco statue of Christ amid such a breathtaking view overlooking the town and astonishing coastline, the place lives up to all that hype. If you wish to visit the place there are three ways to go there- by train, by hiking, and by van and what you choose solely depends on your preference. This is truly an iconic statue and you should for sure pin this in your bucket-list.


Carnival, Rio de Janeiro

When in Brazil and you didn’t wish to experience the biggest carnival with more than two million people each day on the streets, are you guys kidding? To make the best of your trip you should definitely roll this in your travel plan. The carnival is packed full of color, thud, action, and enthusiasm. The best time for your 2021 Brazil trip would be around February 12 to February 25. So, books your tickets in advance if you want to capture the biggest show on the earth.


Iguacu Falls

The falls are the series of cascades on the Iguacu River and depict an extended horseshoe that expands up to 1.7 miles i.e. three times wider than Niagara Falls. The fall is dived into 275 separate waterfalls that look utterly stunning to capture. Along the falls there are many islands but the notable one is the Isla Grande San Martin. The falls exhibit an impressive panorama and in no way, you can dare to miss that. When you head to the falls don’t forget to visit the UNESCO-acclaimed Iguacu National Park which is home to more than a thousand bird species and mammals.


Ouro Preto

If you want to capture the old Brazilian charm in your itinerary do visit the old capital town of Ouro Preto. The striking old town is situated around Minas Gerais and it would not be wrong to say that the town is the jewel in the crown. Brazil’s most beautiful colonial city, Ouro Preto is wrapped with exciting things. Visit the main square of the city- Praca Tiradentes, explore mines through the Mineralogy Museum, head to the Handicrafts Market, and visit the oldest church of the town Igreja de Sao Francisco de Assis.

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