Lima: Why it is known as the best city of Peru?

Lima is popularly known as “City of Kings”. If you planning to head out on a day trip to this awesome city, do explore the range of options given below.

Take a walking tour of the city

Take a walking tour of the city to get the most awesome experience in the city. By walking, you even get to explore the hidden parts which you would miss otherwise. It is also one of the best free things you could do in Lima. Get to know about the history and culture of the city and how it became what it is today. Join the tours from the Tourist Information Center, Miraflores from where they regularly depart at 9:50 am and 3:00 pm. They go through various places such as the historical center of Lima, and other renowned spots. The best part is they are accompanied by a guide that gives information about every place you visit.

Have the taste of the Finest Peruvian Dish

If you are a food-lover and having the taste of the authentic cuisine remains on the top of your list, you should do the same in Lima. Give your taste buds the finest flavor of cevicherias. It is surely one of the top things to do at the place. Indulge in this super-delicious dish that is a perfect blend of red onions, fish and sweet potato nicely marinated in lemon. If you need to have the most awesome quality, then Punto Azul can guarantee you on this particular aspect. This place maintains the freshness and is known for its delicate flavors that too at an affordable price. Another amazing place to try out the dish is La Mar. It is a bit pricey but worth the hype. Even vegetarian versions of the dish are also available here.

Take the Tandem Paragliding Flight

Satisfy your adventurous side by heading out to the paragliding hotspot of Lima. You would definitely spot one or two thermals in the air whenever you look up in the sky. So if it fascinates you, go to Parque Raimondi that is situated along the Miraflores stretch of El Malecon. The highly skilled instructors take you for a 10-min ride that gives you a surreal experience you would surely cherish. Make sure to pick a clear day to get a panoramic view of the south coast that lies towards Barranco.

Enjoy a light and water show at Parque de la Reserva

Have a perfect ending to a perfect day by enjoying a spectacular light and water show at Parque de la Reserva. This specific place is almost a century-old that was constructed way back in the 1920s but it was in 2007 that the municipality of the city made the El Circuito Mágico del Agua, the “Magic Water Circuit.” The show presented by thirteen fountains and illuminated lights is quite entertaining and interactive at the same time. Don’t forget to carry a plastic bag for keeping your belongings dry as it is likely that you would get wet at the place.

Have a narrow escape from the city

If you want to have a unique experience then take the off-beaten path. Go on a short round trip from Lima to Paracas and Huacachina. The number of days you want to devote on this particular trip totally depends upon you. Apart from these places, there are many other things to explore as it would not be easy for you to navigate through Lima. It is a difficult city that has a chaotic nature and its own unique charm. Witness its high cliffs and views by taking a stupendous tour around the city. There is a lot you can discover about the city even if you spend a day here.

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