Make the most of your Finland trip by visiting these 5 places

Finland, a beautiful northern European nation bordering Sweden, Norway and Russia is a country that boasts of astonishing sceneries, unspoiled nature and not to forget about all the fun activities that you can do here. Besides all these things, Finland is also a popular choice of destination to witness the northern lights, which is one of the most special things about this place. Whether heading for an outdoor excursion or to relax and enjoy a sauna, this place has everything to offer. With that, it’s also important to know that every season has different things to offer, during winters you can see northern lights in the northernmost part of the country, whereas, summers are ideal for various fun outdoor activities like enjoying some swimming, fishing, barbecuing, etc.
When in Finland, it’s very natural to visit Helsinki, which is Finland’s southern capital. But there are so many other places that are worth visiting, from the very famous northern lights to some beautiful attractions, this place has plenty of things to offer. So if you are planning to visit this country anytime soon, then it would be wise to know what places will be worth visiting as it would get impossible to travel to every popular destination because Finland is a large country. So, without any further ado let’s know about 5 most popular destinations in Finland to make the most of this trip.


When in Finland, how can one not visit the capital of Finland; Helsinki? It is one of the most popular choices of destinations to head to when planning your itinerary. It is one of those places you wouldn’t want to miss going to as it has so many things to offer, from visiting the popular churches to exploring the famous sites, one may not find a day enough to explore the beauty of this city. You may also find the architecture of this city quite similar to St. Petersburg and that’s because this city was built to replicate the Russian style. Also, there are numbers of museums and galleries that are worth visiting, but the National Museum of Finland is one of the best amongst all which perfectly traces the history of Finland over time.


Lapland, the northernmost region of Finland is almost a place that you can call as winter wonderland as you may be left awestruck with all the most unbelievable things this place has to offer, including a real Santa. Yes, you heard it right! Rovaniemi the capital city of Lapland is an official hometown of Santa Claus which almost got destroyed during World War II. Apart from that, it is also a popular choice of destination to view the northern lights. You can take a tour of Santa Claus village, get stamps from Santa Claus and also visit the Santa themed amusement park.


There was a time when Turku used to serve as a capital city of Finland, but that title was taken over by Helsinki. But that didn’t affect its popularity and today it is home to many historic attractions and cultural landmarks. The major attraction of the city is a Turku castle that was built in the 16-17th century and now is a museum. Also, when visiting this place, make sure to head to one of the riverside restaurants to satisfy all your senses.


A town in Finland which is known for its unique and picturesque wooden homes should definitely be there on your itinerary. It is also the country’s second-oldest town which boasts of local art and heritage that you can find at the Porvoo museums. During summers you can visit Porvoo from Helsinki via boat. Also, don’t forget to indulge in appetizing local pastries and candies at the brunberg shop.

Suomenlinna fortress

A sea fortress that was built in the 18th century, today, is the most culturally significant places to visit in Finland. Also, it is one of the world’s largest sea fortresses which can be reached by taking a 15 minutes ferry ride from Helsinki’s market square. It is now a UNESCO world heritage site which is visited frequently by the locals and the tourists. This fortress is home to a museum that is filled with Finland’s military history.

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