Malaysia – Top Spa & Spa Resorts

Malaysia, a south Asian country is home to some really good spa treatments for peace and serenity. A good spa not only give you relief but also helps you make a friendly connection with your inner self. Malaysia is home to more than 50 different types of spas. From ultra-modern to traditional way to detox and rejuvenate your body, let’s see some of the best of Malaysian spa with highest customer satisfaction and economical. We have it all for you.

Panpuri Organic Spa, Penang –  The spa is highly recommended and thus on top of the list. They have multiple options to choose from ranging from steam therapy, full body massage or body scrub to name a few. They boast of highly professional staff with organized set up and post massage cool up. You will feel very nice after the whole set up. The whole experience coupled with genuine rate and economical customized options, let go off your heavy head go light here.

Danai Spa, Tanjung Bungah Penang – This is at par with the above mentioned spa. Danai spas are award winning and provide top notch professional service. A ginger tea welcomes you with a relaxing waiting area and outland. This is followed by a no rush and complete relaxation spa. They have wide variety and packages. Choose the one that suits you. Aromatherapy, hot rocks are some of examples.

Rumah Holistic, Langkawi – 3rd in our list but by no means an underperformer and it also sits at par with above mentioned spa centers. The place is situated within rustic jungle and a peaceful area. Dogs and cats will entertain you and this place also has a homestay. This beautiful Rumah Holistic has well professional host who knows and understand your body well than others. Malay massage & Reiki heals are top results massage and you will not be disappointed. Be sure to book one day in advance though.

V Integrated wellness, The Andaman – A luxury collection resort, Langkawi – Another wonderful option is The Andaman. Again putting professional show, they know what they are doing. Surrounded by sea and greenery and sparking it with birds & small wildlife, you get massage. Pregnancy massage is their famous one and a few others are Indian head massage & the Malay ones.

Ozmosis Health & Day Spa, Kuala Lumpur – The Ozmosis spa occupies no.1 position in Kuala Lumpur and that is due to premium services that they provide. It’s recommended for couples & bridal spa. The overall professionalism is high and customer also reviewed to over 4+ stars. It’s a different experience from all the hustles and bustles of life and also great for couples for some intimate moments.

Swasana Spa, Kuala Lumpur – Swasana spa is another nice option when it comes to choosing best spa in Malaysia. While it’s priced higher than those of others but it Is worth it. Protocol is same and their famous product is Deep Tissue Massage for all the knots and kneading of your limbs. Spa is nice and clean & you can see their itineraries through their online website.

A good spa not only rejuvenates you but also give time to think peaceful which is in contrast to our fast paced hectic lives having no time for yourself.

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