Mesmerizing Mauritius – The Magnificent Mermaid Model

5 M in the Title? Sort of Tongue Twister, Eh?

Mauritius is Africa’s most Luxurious Destination. Period! Dive like a mermaid on its White sandy pro-urban beaches. Is that even a word?

Enjoy Golfing on a breezing day, or go for a stupendous Spa session to let go of those jet lags! We understand your pain.

First thing first, A very famous Mauritius story is of an islander, who aptly told Mark Twain that, “Mauritius was made first and then heaven; heaven was copied after Mauritius.”

Well, you think we might be overreacting, but many travelers agree to this.

Let us try to explain Mauritius in Poetic language, Miles of palm-trodden sandy beaches; Coral reefs encircling the island; Spend days lounging on the beach; Crystal clear water provide an epic craving for snorkeling, kayaking, diving, and whatnot.

Not impressed still?

Let us go beyond beaches than skydiving, hiking through the mountain ranges, or the national parks of Mauritius.

Want to explore the Mauritian culture? Go ahead for embracing a Traditional Mauritius environment.

What’s more? The islands reflect a Dutch, French, and British legacy in their colonial mansions and some stunning botanical gardens.

The hospitability and warmth of various African, Indian, and Chinese local heritage will become a Sashaying Sega in Semi colorful markets.

Let us explore,


Chamarel Waterfall

Travelers’ choice 2021 by Trip Advisor and this is the highest waterfall of Mauritius that plunges from a height of over 100m with an ultra-stunning view of forests and mountains in the back.

  • Free ticket involved in the 7 colored earth tourism site
  • Walk a bit to see the waterfall properly
  • The best time to visit is during the monsoon to enjoy the waterfall
  • Take a guide as they know some good vantage points across the movement
  • Stunning and wonderful nature and sure-shot visit-worthy
  • Low effort, High reward
  • 275 feet waterfall


Black River Gorges National Park

Take on your saga ahead with a little extravaganza at BRGNP.

The 6,574 Hectares natural reserve is filled with a lot of hiking trails that let you observe the indigenous forests as well multi-diverse wildlife.

  • One of the popular trails is Machabee Trail, 8Km Trek, and takes around 2 hours to complete. Machabee trail is well marked and the park is also maintained well. Visit for some fresh air and ultra-stunning nature views.
  • Calm and tranquil. Also, find some of the souvenir shops on the tour
  • Catch a glimpse of the Paille-en-Queue, bird of Mauritius found on the logo of Air Mauritius
  • Catch 150+ endemic floral species only be able to see here


Ile Aux Cerfs

The Ile aux Cerfs Leisure Island lies off Trou d’Eau Douce in the largest lagoon of Mauritius and provides spectacular views of the natural surreal scenes.

  • Home to beach restaurants, an adventure park, a wide array of water sports and an 18-hole golf course as well as untouched tranquil beaches (Mauritius Web-2)
  • Relish seafood and dive right into the water and enjoy snorkeling
  • More enjoyable for people who are fun-loving and want some party time
  • Island will be crowded so avoid if you are not into crowds and garbage filth is also normal to see sometimes


Pereybere Beach

A beautiful beach in the grand baie area. Many tours and experiences can be booked through concerned tour operators.

  • Sparkly clean beach with blue water, lots of shade, clean toilets, many foods stalls
  • Soft sand which is great for strolling, great for seeing a spectacular sunset
  • A certain part of the beach is more crowded than others
  • Go barefoot swimming as there are no corals or stones but the crowd will be on the higher side


Ganga Talao, Grand basin

Hindu religious site hub, famous Hindu place of worship, huge religious statues, and visitors fly from many far-off places to see this place.

  • On mahashivratri, thousands of devotees fly from everywhere to celebrate here.
  • Visit for some peace and spirituality
  • Dress properly and for some time surrender to divinity to enjoy max and there is an eatery as well where can get delicious snacks at cheap rates


Le Morne Beach

A famous beachfront stretch destination for beach lovers

  • Be careful while swimming. A clear beach with Le Morne Mountain in the background
  • In certain areas, the water rises suddenly so be extra cautious
  • Private as well as public beach spots
  • Less crowded usually, this rocky and coral-filled beach gives an overall pleasant experience.
  • Super Windy, which is good for kite surfers and one of the best places to end your day with exquisite sunsets


Le Morne Brabant

No, the Mauritius trip is not even half completed without crossing the Morne Brabant, a mountain across the Morne peninsula and a world heritage site by UNESCO since 2008!

  • The site is a sanctuary for runaway slaves and is a strong cultural and patrimonial symbol for every Mauritian
  • Most preserved and wildest mountain range with solid endemic species like the rare Trochetia Boutonania, and its red flaming flower scattered everywhere
  • A three to four hours hike
  • See stunning views once you reach the end
  • Hike is moderately-difficult
  • Go early to surpass crowds. A guide can be hired for ease
  • Can be a bit hard for non-climbers.


Le Pouce

One of the greatest hiking sites near Port Louis from Le Dauguet or Petit Verger or even the Moka point.

  • Constant 712m steep climb
  • Descent easy however expect slippery and muddy on certain days after raining
  • 2-4 hours are needed for this relatively small hike.
  • From Moka most part is shady only the last phase is without shade
  • The path is clear and it is easy to download maps to work offline and accurately show hiking paths.
  • Incredible views at the top which are panoramic and offers a 360-degree view


Casela national park

Feed a Rhino, and walk with lions or laugh with Giraffe. Yes! Insane but safe and animals are taken care of properly at every level.

  • 250-hectares spread national park and been a leading hub of visitors
  • Home to a wide variety of species and even swim with a dolphin in the morning
  • Have a camel-safari or walk with a lion!
  • Take your African adventure to another level
  • Learn a lot about the wild animals with toured guides taking you for a visit


Some extra cool words before you go, (from Mauritius Official Website)

Talk to the locals:

Tou korek? – Is everything ok?

Ki manier? – How are you?

Mo bien e ou? – Very well and you?

Ki so pri? – How much is it?

Mwa pa kompran – I don’t understand

Sallaam – Goodbye

Mauritius is a one-word for Amazement. It offers complete surprises than other tropical destinations. Many people go back again since they fall in love with this place so much.

Pack your bags too for this next African-tropical paradise and enjoy with full vigor and gain some tranquillity on this Heaven on Earth, Mauritius.

Thanks for reading

Happy traveling

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