Micro-Vacations: Top tips & Tricks

The concept of micro vacation is not new & it’s just a new name given to all those short get away from your normal routine & work. Micro means small & it includes those low durations get outs which are not more than 5 days. Weekend getaways can also be considered as Micro Holidays.

Holidays have innumerable benefits which include happiness, mental happiness, family bonding or self-happiness.
One of the major reason people avoid going on vacation is the mammoth work that will be stacked when they come back. To this problem, the rescuer is Micro vacation which states that one can enjoy vacations and at the same time need not worry about work or other things.

We discuss top tricks and tips to enjoy your next micro-vacation without any next thing to worry.

Make smart use of your Public Holidays – This cannot be emphasized less since you can use your public holidays smartly. Look for public holidays that go with weekend and you can easily fly out for more than 4 days without using your single leave. This means holidays enjoyed along & no worries of work left before you.

Advance your planning beforehand – You should start planning as soon as possible after your last vacation. Various scientific studies have shown that planning and anticipating about an upcoming holiday gives your brain a boost and one feels optimistic on mere anticipation. Also, it gives you ample of time for pre planning leaving no stone unturned.

Time zone is important – Time zone is important to avoid jet lags also. Fly towards west to gain time. Obviously you don’t want to end up in a state of jeopardy after vacation.

Fly Overnight – This means one can take rest at night and wake up next morning to be ready for vacation stuff. Even if the flight is bit costly it’s completely worth it as you will get rest and a night’s sleep.

Pack Minimum – This point is pretty obvious though because you are going to for a peaceful vacation not to be left stranded at check-in lines for your baggage. Not only long lines but also less luggage means more freedom and more exploration. There are lots of tips & tricks on net where you can check the way to pack light & what to pack. Many-a-things we take but are not actually required & only bulking your baggage.

Choose a famous city – In simple words choose a hub city which has lots of direct flights to avoid traveling times and unnecessary waiting at Airport. You are going for a quick travel to some new city & not for some random bore long airport waiting. Obviously different people have their own unique thinking & some would prefer an off-beat place any place over some crowded city. But if you want to save time on traveling then travel to hubs.

Disconnect – Disconnect your electronic gadgets, disconnect your mobile, disconnect your mind from worldly thinking. This is very important to enjoy your vacations and be present there. Be in that very moment and avoid overthinking by channelizing your energy at that place.

Invest more time on family bonding – A typical job or business leaves no time for family and they are more often neglected. This is the time for making that magic yet again flow through your veins. Vacations help strengthen the bonding with your family, your friends or relatives.

Whatever the reason may be, a good vacation is all you need at certain intervals to keep working and churning your vast potential. With the concept of micro-cations gaining tremendous success in many countries, it is sure to become the next norm.

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