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Moscow, the capital city of Russia and the largest Russian city has flavors of every culture deeply embedded into the system.

Moscow is much more than an average Russian city and provides a peep-hole into the past and modernism today. Moscow is also the most expensive city in Russia.

Moscow in short is one of the best places to visit in the world. An amazing & large number of tourist attractions emboldens the Moscow city and helps one to understand the ever-glorious cultural past of Russia.

It’s not a new thing to find some new sets of rules and cultures in any country and no different is Moscow in this aspect.

To avoid being too overwhelmed with the rule book, the tips are given below will help you to have a great journey full of fun and not a spoilt vacation full of worries.

Let’s Explore,


Visa Application

Visa application is the first step to enter in a culturally diverse city of Moscow

  • Apply for Russian Visa at least 3-months prior
  • This much time will help you in avoiding any potential hazard later
  • Check for all details thoroughly to avoid getting into any hassle later
  • Keep all documents handy like ID proofs and other



This is the most recommended tip and guides you’ll find at any reputed Russian guides and tourist info-centers.

  • Make sure to visit a place having less crowd to enjoy more
  • Take AeroExpress help as a rapid mode of transportation
  • It saves your time by making mobile movement possible
  • Also saves you from getting tired


Budge up your Budget beforehand

For some, it can be a no-brainer. But honestly, there are many out there who go frenzy and spend a lot than they planned and end up being in difficult financial condition.

  • Moscow is an expensive Russian city, so planning for the budget in advance often helps
  • Choose rented hotels or apartments as per budget and not a luxury or other extras you may not use
  • Choose homestays for more savings
  • To start with some estimates, a normal trip to Moscow starts at around $62 per day based on average expenses. One day meal can cost anywhere to around $14 for a single day
  • As per Budget your trip, “A normal trip to Moscow for two people for one-week costs on average ₽64,987 ($875). All of these average travel prices have been collected from other travelers to help you plan your travel budget.”


Hotel booking

Hotel booking is not so plain forward as we most often do while rushing to book a hotel too early or without proper review.

Do you need a posh luxury resort stay or are you comfy living in budget homestays?

Are you going with your family? Or with a partner? Or solo or with friends? Plan accordingly. Homestay becomes a good option especially when solo or with friends but medium to luxury when family and couples go.

  • Research for all facilities and compare rates
  • Check for complimentary breakfast options which can save you some crucial money
  • Booking beforehand is a better option to save some money and time as well



Knowing the cuisine beforehand is a good sign as you can be prepared mentally for everything.

As per Tripsavvy, “The most classic Russian recipes are made of veggies and wheat, such as soups, porridges, and stuffed dough.”

  • Most common food items are Georgian food with wine and include Borscht, a beet soup; Shchi, Cabbage soup; Solyank, Thick soup which can be regarded as the meal itself; Ukha, Fish soup with clear broth
  • Pirozhki, fried-puffed pastries; Pelmeni, the national dish of Russia, Pastry dumplings; Blini, wheat pancake; Shashlyk
  • Russian Kebabs; Beef Stroganoff, strips of beef in a creamy sauce with mushrooms or tomatoes; Caviar, or Ikra, is something to get worked up about in Russia. Briny and sharp.
  • Smetana, Vodka, Kvass, Morozhenoe, an ice cream, and Pashka to name a few.
  • Research and hunt for different restaurants, cafes, and other local eateries to save money and eating fresh


City Exploration & The Subway

It’s okay to lose yourself now and then and go exploring Moscow and also explore the underground subways to understand the impressive underground labyrinths.

  • Go to city spacebar, top of Swissotel Krasnye Holmy
  • Enjoy some appetizing cocktail network there
  • If, however you’re visiting in winters, then use the sky lounge
  • Reserve beforehand for sky lounge to reduce waiting times
  • Also, keep an eye on thefts and other scams by keeping your eye open
  • Visit Komsomolskaya, Mayakovskaya, Ploschad, and various other metro stations to see the beautiful creativity of the place


Don’t forget to visit some Churches

What can be a more awesome way of ending or starting the trip with some stunning church visits?

  • Buy a cathedral pass to visit Aristotle Fioravanti Architect
  • Avoid clicking any pictures as they’re banned
  • Follow apt rules

This sums up useful tips and ways to avoid being too overwhelmed and especially for first-time travelers who are not very comfortable with knowing too many rules

Always respect other country’s diversity and varied cultures. Respect the nature and ecology of anywhere.

Respect the differences and enjoy your trip in knowing new cultures and spreading the knowledge and not by destroying any culture.

Be a smart traveler

Stay safe, stay smart

Thanks for reading

Happy Traveling

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