Most Incredible Castles In Aberdeenshire, Scotland

The United Kingdom has always excelled in dramatics and colorful history with over two thousand castles and manors scattered across the country. For 900 years, British Royals from Robert the Bruce to Queen Victoria have taken up residence in the castles of Aberdeenshire, thus leaving a very rich legacy. Scotland has set an outstanding example for being the land of medieval castles in their full glory. Many of these royal heritage castles have been featured in films and TV shows as an unexpected surprise while some are known across the world. We have chosen six best castles for your visit that will turn out to be the experience of a lifetime.


Balmoral has been the summer residence of the British Royal Family for more than a hundred years. This estate is open to the public for specified months from April to July so that they can enjoy and explore the magnificent gardens. Visitors and tourists walk around with freedom and enjoy the lush green garden full of blooming flowers like lilies and fuchsias. The Victorian glasshouse is also the highlight of the castle for its bright colors and emitting floral fragrances. You can also visit the ballroom which hosts a grand royal exhibition featuring pictures and artwork belonging to the royal family.


The Drum Castle was originally the family home of the Irvines of Drum for more than 650 years. Today it is a National Trust Property and is open during the summer for visitors. It is surrounded by 18th-century gardens including a rose garden and arboretum which is full of trees from all regions of the 18th century British Empire. You can visit the castle and enjoy a variety of local events such as classic car rallies and musical fetes. The main chapel, dining hall and estate are also hired for weddings and corporate functions because of its incredible Jacobean and Victorian architecture.


Visit Dunnottar Castle for an unforgettable experience! This dramatic and evocative ruin is a photographer’s paradise, a history lover’s dream, and an iconic tourist destination. Dunnottar Castle is a ruined medieval fortress perched on a headland with cliffs on all sides. It is also called a haunted destination because it is said to be the residence of a spirit, an eerie Green Lady of Pictish origin. You can also see the Viking ships chopping the surf in the North Sea. The gorgeous ruins of this castle can be seen resting atop a rocky perch looking like something straight out from a fantasy novel.


Unlike other castles, this one is opened for the public for a longer time. Most of the castles close down at the end of October but this one is open from March to December. There is full freedom to visit and explore this estate with your family and is very well suited for outings with children as well. Standing against a backdrop of rolling hills and set within lush green glorious gardens, this castle is every inch of the classic Scottish tower house. Inside the castle, you will find a display of cultural history. From family portraits to fine antique furniture and intricate work on ceilings, it is a delight to visit.


Castle Fraser sits on a land spread of 300 acres and has been home to the Fraser family for more than 400 years. It has some very unusual features that reflect the whimsies and lives of the family. Castle Fraser is Scotland’s one of the largest tower houses with quirky features like Laird’s Lug, hidden trapdoors, secret staircases and a spy hole too! Inside the castle is a very impressive portrait collection admiring the family treasures. The castle also has a place set up where you can buy plants and produce that has been grown in their garden. It is considered as a special treat to take home with you.


The Slains castle is another ruined estate and an absolute visit for its picturesque features. It was constructed in the 16th-century and is most famous for its connection with Bram Stoker. It is believed that the castle provides inspiration for Dracula’s castle in his beloved gothic novel. This one is famous for many reasons and second of them being that here celebrities were entertained on numerous occasions in the 19th-century. Surrounded by jagged cliffs, visit this one for the dramatic landscape view.

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