Must visit places in Singapore

This southeast Asian country is full of delicious food, natural beauty, and a diverse society. This is a country where you can see different cultures residing harmoniously with each other. They celebrate festivals with utmost joy and respect for every religion. This island has a lot to offer to its tourists say it be tall attractive buildings to look at and admire their architecture or be hundreds of gardens and beautiful sites to look at and admire nature or say it the local cuisine that attracts lots of people to this small country and has some flavorful meals and cuisines from different cultures residing in this country. This country has a lot to offer to its visitors so let’s take a lot at some places that as a tourist you must visit when in Singapore.


Garden by The Bay

When in Singapore, this is a place one must visit. This garden is magical. The flora and fauna in this garden are admirable and so is the architecture of this garden that gives the garden a magical look, so artistic and so very extraordinary. Visit this garden during the day and view and observe the flora and fauna. Daytime can be magical but nighttime is more magical in this garden. The colorful lights covering the whole garden make it an altogether different experience. Have a walk alone or with family and friends and capture those moments beautifully all thanks to the scenic background in the form of a garden by the bay.


S.E.A. Aquarium

One of the world’s largest aquariums, the S.E.A. Aquarium is the residency of diverse species from different habitats. This aquarium is such wonderful manmade procreation. Several marine lives are accommodated here such as hammerheads, sharks, stingrays, dolphins, and many more. They also exhibit a lot of threatened species, beautiful corals, and other exotic aquatic. This is a place where you can enjoy aquatic life in their natural habitat. They help the visitors get educated about aquatic life and inspire them to protect the water bodies and the lives living in them. This place is both for educational as well as for recreational purposes. Musical walkways are built in order to get kids entertained and different games are played as well. this is a place for people of all age groups.


Changi Experience Studio: Changi Airport

We all know the glamor of Changi Airport and how exquisite it looks. But now let’s look at the Changi Experience Studio and see the digital tourist attraction. This studio is another level of fun and there isn’t anyone that could resist the charm of this studio. You can get your own travel guide which to operates on technology. You can use the travel guide and get to know about interesting facts and behind the scenes of the airport. You can play race games at the airport using technology and even create music in the Garden of Harmony. Never miss out on the opportunity to visit this studio whenever you visit Singapore.


Sentosa Island

If you want to enjoy beach life with an all-different activity then this is the place for you. Known for shopping and cuisine, Singapore can also offer water activities. This place offers beach volleyball, kayaking, and others. This place has the famous Merlion statue and universal studios and also the underwater world. This is also near to other tourist attractions in Singapore.



Some of us have skydiving on our bucket list but can’t complete the task because we lack the courage to do so.  If so then don’t worry because at IFly you can live your dream and feel like you are sky diving from twelve or some thirteen thousand feet. They train you in a small training session and then after the training you can experience artificial skydiving which feels a lot like a real experience.

So, don’t wait and visit this beautiful country with immense flora, fauna, culture, and many more. The country mainly known for its chic fashion and architecture is much more than just that. It is a place where people not only respect other humans but also respect other animals and provide them the care they can provide. They take care of fauna, flora, terrestrial as well as aquatic animals. So plan a trip to this immensely beautiful country.

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