Must-visit places in Spain

Spain is so much more than just some festivals, bullfights, and beaches. Spain has an immense history that dates back thousands of years and with that, it has the stunning ancient architecture of the Romans, castles that narrate their stories, the modern cities, and amazing cuisine. There are different landscapes for you to enjoy such as the mountains of Sierra Nevada the Almería’s deserts to countless beaches. This Mediterranean country has a lot to offer to its visitors.

If you are planning on visiting this country then check the list given below to know the places you should visit while visiting the country.



The capital city of Spain, Madrid is famous for its nightlife. This is the largest city in the country and is the city that is a mixture of old times and the present. This city is full of old as well as new architecture with its own unique features. You can find historical areas, universities, and clubs, and parties in the capital. The most visited place by tourists in Madrid would be the Royal Palace, which was once the residence of the monarch. You can visit Puerta del Sol and experience the gatherings and talented street performers. You can also visit historical places, churches, parks, museums and different events that take place in the capital.



Granada is a blend of modern nightlife and lifestyle and ancient cultures and buildings. The most visited place in Granada is Alhambra. Alhambra is a palace that is built on a plateau at a height and can look over the city of Granada. This palace is a must tourist site when visiting Granada as you get to explore the history and Moorish architecture and strikingly beautiful garden. You can explore the famous century-old Spice Market that is located in Albaicin and be apprised of the vibrant tapestries, bougainvillea, architecture and can get for yourself some spices and tea. If you wish to enjoy nature then you can participate in activities like skiing or mountain climbing.



This city is known for its architecture and the famous Fallas Festival. Historic architecture is restored and now are the spots for travelers to visit. The City of Art and Science is a complex that in itself has a museum, aquarium, theatre, parks, and other entertainment places. You can experience the lively nightclubs here in this city and can enjoy your time here in Valencia. This place is full of beautiful cafes and shops.



How can we miss Barcelona when talking about Spain? This is the tourist’s one of the favorite cities in Spain as this place can provide you everything from the rich history to the European modern lifestyle, shopping and nightlife. In the Old City, you can explore the gothic architecture with churches and old streets adorned with beautiful cafes. You can enjoy a range of festivals here in Barcelona with different museums and galleries. If you are a fan of art and architecture then do visit Casa Batllo for its amazing design and shape.



Mallorca is a collection of islands. This place has a nice, warm climate and a stunning view. If you love water sports then this is the place for you. You can enjoy swimming and several water sports while on the island. You can try the local cuisine and fresh seafood anywhere around the coastline. You can visit the main city and explore old towns and buildings that were built some centuries ago. Mallorca is a perfect place for you to enjoy a peaceful vacation at. 


These were some of the places you should make a visit to when you visit Spain. So don’t just sit around. Plan your trip to Spain and enjoy your time here. Visit Spain and explore the historical ruins and buildings. Enjoy the different landscapes offered by this country like mountains to desert to beaches. Have fun while enjoying the delicious local delicacies and their famous festivals and events.


So don’t wait and make a plan and fly to this amazing country and spend some time here enjoying your vacations, alone, with family, or with friends. Come here and experience the Mediterranean lifestyle.

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