New Year Dishes to Try in Australia

New year’s dishes brighten up everyone’s day. There is no doubt that nations across the world enjoy this beautiful festival in their flavors so here is just another thing to bite into. Australia serves one of the most surprisingly outstanding new year’s dishes that people love and enjoy fully. They are a little out of the box but never out of place for you to not try them out when you are in Australia. Start planning a sweet new year vacation in this far-off land and see the dazzle of the place grow with excitement!

Here are some new year’s dishes that you must try

  1. Fruit Mince Pie

These cute mini pies are made with a mixture of fruitilicious fillings. The mix often comes from a ton of different fruits that are jammed with sugar syrup and filled in. The pies are also decorated with powdered sugar, shaped crust, and sometimes flaky almonds for a little drizzle-dazzle! Be prepared too much for these mini-sized flavorful bites that are hard to miss!


  1. Prawn Cocktail

A cocktail never went this crazy! The perfectly cooked prawns are served with lime, seasonings, tomato, lettuce, Worcestershire sauce, and sometimes avocado. The flavors of the fresh cocktail of prawns are extremely colorful. Nothing messy but just a fresh mix of fresh meat and tang that freshens up the taste. Quite a morning or brunch side dish, it is served with some booze too!


  1. Pavlova

Pavlova is a creamy dessert meant for the festival. Much like any fruit cake but with a different crust made out of meringue that is crusty and features a fruity mix on the top. Fruits that you will find most likely are strawberries, blueberries, kiwi, cherries, black currant, passionfruit, dragon fruit, raspberries, and sometimes slices of orange and mango. It is a delectable mix indeed which makes it very suitable for new year’s eve.


  1. Star Anise Punch

A powerfully punched drink that is drunk right after a filling dinner, it is packed with citrus and spice notes. The drink has a warming effect and is hence suitable for the weather. It is a mix of cranberry juice, orange juice, and ginger extracts, and is punched with star anise, and vodka too! The drink is appropriate for the hefty spirit of festivals. Some of its variations are available in America as well.


  1. Crunchy White Christmas

How much of a crunch does one need to call it their favorite eve ever? The answer to this question could be difficult to get but at least you tried! To match this energy, a crunchy sweet treat is prepared in with super light puffed rice that is dried up with sugar syrup and mixed with fruits and raisings to twist it.


  1. Stuffed Capsicum

Stuffed capsicum is also eaten in different parts of the world but is a festive relish in Australia. The dish is usually worked up with red bell peppers that are filled with pork, tomato, rice, beef mince, and other flavorings. The bites are super delicious and savory for they already are heavied with the sweetness of the bell peppers. It is a great side dish for the new year that one must try!


There are amazing flavors to try in Australia that are carefully prepared with the festivals in view. Food tourism in Australia is of special interest to many people because the locals carry a different flavor in their style of cooking and the mix of ingredients in their food is unique and partially intriguing for many people. This is why one must come here to try the local flavors to get acquainted with a unique platter that sparks festive joy. Have a fulfilling vacation in Australia!

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