Outdoorsy: A trusted RV rental place in the market

When it comes to traveling, nobody likes to compromise with their comfort. Whether it’s your own vehicle or traveling through a different mode of transportation, everybody wants to make sure that their journey goes on smoothly, and their comfort isn’t compromised. Most avid travelers don’t wait for booking a flight or hopping on the bus, they straightaway root for a traveling method that is not only full of fun and adventure but super exciting and thrilling as well. For some it might be a motorcycle tour, the other few likes to take their expedition game up a notch or two by rooting for an RV trip. It has become an immensely popular way of traveling around the world. Many travelers are opting for this method of travel, which makes their journey even more comfortable and hassle-free. However, not every traveler has the pleasure of owning an RV, but that simply doesn’t mean they will have to give up on the idea of an RV trip. Buying an RV can be a pretty expensive investment, and that is when renting an RV struck almost every traveler’s mind. Thankfully, there are plenty of RV rental websites that are running on the internet, and this is when outdoorsy comes into the picture, which is considered to be one of the best RV rental companies in the world.


What is outdoorsy?

Outdoorsy is an online platform where RV owners can put their RVs on rent during the times when they are not being used. It has the same concept as Airbnb, where owners lend their personal possession to others for a few days. The co-founders of this company (Jeff and Jen), who happen to be a real-life couple, came up with this concept. They started small, but now it has become one of the leading RV rental companies in the world. It was their love for travel and great outdoors that made them come up with this idea and start a new company.


What is the process of renting an Rv?


One of the best things about outdoorsy is its easy-peasy rental process. You don’t have to go through a tedious process to be able to rent an RV. You will just have to fill the search index with the preferred date range and rental location, this will provide you with some of the best RV options that are available nearby your area. Refining the filters will make it even easier for you to find your desired type of RV.



After you are done shortlisting the best available options on the website, now it’s time to book your perfect RV. All you have to do is click on “instant book”; and you will be good to go. However, not all the RVs available on the website are up for instant booking, in some cases, you might have to speak with or take the approval of the owner. It can take up to 24 hours or more for owners to approve the rental request. In addition to that, you will also have to go through a few pages that contain important information, which helps to finish the entire booking process. It will allow you to choose any add-ons if required, and aside from that; you will have to enter your payment details. Additionally, you will also be asked to pay a security deposit to the owner, which can vary between $100 and $500. The security deposit is refundable, it will be credited back to your account once you return the RV in the same condition it was before. And the last step is to select insurance protection, which usually contains three different options. After selecting insurance protection, you will be asked to purchase trip protection, which makes sure that you get a full refund when you cancel the trip. The owner’s cancellation policy won’t have any impact on this. You can also consider buying damage protection, which covers the interior of the RV. This insurance will cover up all the damage that might have been caused to the interior of the RV.


Speak with the RV’s owner

Outdoorsy allows you to have a conversation with the owner you’re renting an RV from. It is a super quick and easy process. Most owners are incredibly courteous and quick enough to answer all your questions.


Pick up your RV

You can either pick the RV from the owner by yourself, or you can ask them to deliver the RV to your campsite. Opting for the latter option sounds a much more sensible idea, as this way you can get more familiar with the RV by asking the owner all the questions you are confused about.


Return the keys

On the final days of your trip, not only you will have to clean the vehicle of all the mess you might have made but also get in touch with the owner so that you can return the keys. Staying in touch them with will also help you in certain ways. For instance, if you will be reaching the meeting spot a few hours late or earlier than informed, you can communicate this to the owner in advance so that it would be easier for the both of you to make things work accordingly.


Receive the security deposit back

Once you have returned the RV to the owner in the same condition it was rented on, you will get the security deposit back after 7 days of returning the vehicle back to the owner.

Cancellations and customer service

The cancellation policy for the RVs is chosen by their respective owners. They get three options to choose from- flexible, moderate, and strict. If you find yourself in such a situation, you can make use of outdoorsy’s protection insurance, which you have to purchase before the trip.

As for their customer service, outdoorsy makes sure that no queries of yours go unanswered. They are extremely helpful and go above and beyond to ensure that you get clarification on every possible thing.

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