Places that are worth visiting in Los Angeles

There is definitely a great reason, why Los Angeles is known as the entertainment capital of the World. Most of the movies and shows are made here and are enjoyed all over the world. As the show business of the city is pretty huge that is why when you are visiting the city you must definitely visit certain places. There are many theme parks and also many other places that are worth visiting.

Hence, here are some of the places that you must visit when you are visiting this city of Los Angeles. These places are definitely very attractive to the tourists and that is why they are here on the list as well. If you love to visit theme parks, museums, and arenas, then these are the places that you must visit if you are in the city of Los Angeles. Thus, here is the list of the places that are worth visiting in Los Angeles.


Walk of fame

The Hollywood walk of fame is basically a nice idea to memorializing celebrities. This walk of fame includes the stars embedded on the road that was started in the year 1950, as a way to the Hollywood alive in the hearts of the people as well on the streets of the city. To date, there are more than 2500 stars that are being embedded on the walk of fame. This walk of fame of Hollywood is operated by the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, and the program is definitely a huge success. Every year around 10 million people visit the walk of fame in search of the sidewalk of their favorite TV or movie personalities.


Hollywood sign

Originally, this sign was made to show and advertise the real estate of the Hollywood hills. But now this Hollywood sign is used to show the glamour of the movie industry. We all know how famous this Hollywood sign is, and every other visitor of Los Angeles wants to click a picture of this sign. Also, this is a very obvious thing that the close-up picture of the sign is definitely not possible. Moreover, nowadays, many barriers block the sign. But definitely, this is also a must-visit when you are visiting Los Angeles.



An hour away from the Los Angeles Downtown, Disneyland is also one of the famous places in Los Angeles. Disneyland in Los Angeles is part of the theme park chain that was started by Walt Disney and also is the basic tourist attraction of the city as well. It was started in the year 1955, and basically the attraction to the children. Not only the children, but the adults are also very excited to visit this place as it is one of the major places that you must visit if you are in the city of Los Angeles.


Venice Beach

Previously which was known as the marshy stretch of Santa Monica, this place is now known as the Venice of America. And who was responsible for the change, Abbot Kinney! Basically, in 1904, Kinney turned the series of drainage channels into beautiful scenic canals and created the prettiest beaches in the world. And it is definitely one of the most attractive places to visit in the city of Los Angeles.


Rodeo Drive

Los Angeles’s most favorite shopping street, Rodeo Drive is the area of 16 square block area which is also known as the Golden triangle. Also, this is in the neighborhoods of Beverly Hills, which is one of the most beautiful hills of the USA. Whether you are just visiting to see the beauty, or you are coming to buy the luxurious stuff this place is definitely for you.

These places are perfect for those who are outdoor enthusiasts. These places are definitely very great for the perfect outdoor activities, if you are living in Los Angeles or not. Hence, the places we have mentioned are definitely must visit and we have already mentioned the reasons.

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