Places to visit when in Venice

When we talk about Venice, we cannot pick just one place to visit. Venice is such a magical place to be at. There are so many different and beautiful places to visit in the beautiful city. You can just have a few days strolling around the city and enjoying the canals, stress, the locals and their lifestyle, and other enchanting things. There is just so much to explore when you are in the city. You can go to the neighborhood or you can get to the beautiful attractions that are some of the city’s known landmarks and enjoy the sight.

If you plan to be in Venice and are confused about where to go and be then you can look at the list below and see some of the best places here in Venice.

St. Mark Square

This can be called the common room or a family room of Venice where people all over the place come and spend some time. This place is an architectural marvel and is built with such uniformity. This place has this beautiful architecture on the three sides of the square. Here you can come and have some coffee or can chat or spend some time with friends and family, meet some tour guides who will guide you thoroughly through the place. This has such amazing cafes here where you can have something to drink and eat while enjoying the view of the square.

Doge’s Palac

Another architectural marvel is the Doge’s Palace. This place is such a humongous palace with beautiful architecture to look at. Even today, this place leaves its visitors in awe with the grandeur and the luxurious adornments used, and the way it is decorated. This place has some of the great paintings of the painters of this city. If you have time and want to have a unique adventure then get yourself a private tour to the Bridge of Sighs. This is the legendary bridge that connects the place to the historically famous prison.

Grand Canal

This famous and well-known canal connects a lot of important landmarks of the city. This long canal is connected to lots of the palaces in Venice and most of the palaces open up onto the canal that can help you explore the city in the most beautiful and romantic way that is through the canal. Some parts of the palaces are well preserved and you can get a ride along this famous canal and can get to look at the city in a magical way. To make the ride more magical you can go on it at night.

Fine Arts Museum

This is one of the landmarks that are on the Grand Canal. This museum has a lot of important and fine collections of the cities amazing artists from centuries ago. Some of the paintings and collections have been collected from landmarks that are no more open. Some of them are even from the palaces as well. The museum itself is a piece of art to look at. The beautiful ceiling itself is amazing and alluring artwork. The interior is so beautiful and stunning. You can get to see so make artworks of amazing artists from different centuries and eras. This is a beautiful sneak peek into history in the most beautiful way.

St. Mark’s Basilica

This is the most beautiful and well-known church here in Venice. It is such a beautiful architectural marvel to look at. The gold mosaic all around the dome and the walls make the interior look lavish and stunning. This is one of the finest works and this place is a must-visit place when you are in Venice. This dome, the doors, the rich altars, the floors, and the marble laid around, everything is so magical and stunning here that will leave you mesmerized.

This is such a beautiful and stunning city to be in. make sure to visit all these places and even the ones that are not on the list. There is no such place in Venice that you can miss out on. From amazing landscapes to alluring architecture and the art and the beautiful landmarks, this place has so much to offer to its visitors. You can visit the squares and visit the different islands of Venice. This place is a magical place to be at. Do not wait much and plan your trip to Venice.

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