Places you can explore and visit when in Japan

Japan is known as one of the famous travel destinations and every other traveler wants to visit this beautiful and amazing country. From its beautiful landscapes and sceneries to amazing cuisine and culture to its pop culture, everything is amazing and interesting about this country. One of the many reasons why people are interested in visiting this country is the well-connected trains and buses that help in traveling across the country even with those many islands this country has.

This is a welcoming country with endless adventures and activates for you. look at the places you can visit during your stay in Japan.


The capital city of Japan has to be on the top of this list. This is the city where traditions and the ancient world meets with the modern world. This city is so fast-paced that you will never feel bored when here. From the scenic alluring cherry blossom to the famous street food available in the markets to karaoke bars and plazas, this place has everything to offer its visitors. You can visit the shrines and temples and also visit the fashion street and clubs and bars and enjoy the fusion of both worlds. Try sushi from Tsukiji Fish market as they serve fresh sushi you can have. This place is also home to Mount Fuji.


This place is a must-visit if you are looking forward to exploring and getting to know more about Japanese historic sights, temples, and shrines. This place is also famous for the beautiful Nara Park which is actually home to deer that are friendly and would love to interact with tourists and ask for food from them. You can look at and enjoy the beautiful Japanese garden and the incredible architecture of these shrines and temples. This city can provide you with art, the history of Japan, and beautiful architecture to look forward to.


Takayama is a small city that is famous for its magical scenery and landscape. This is an ancient old town that is well-preserved to keep the essence of the town intact. You can see stunning old buildings, river, and beautiful trees and flowers along the riverside, their beautiful culture, and lifestyle. You can explore the architecture that dates back centuries and can look at the buildings such as houses, temples, shops build in that style. You can even watch the local handicrafts and get the experience of this rich and magical small town and its culture and lifestyle.


If you are up for some historical, cultural, and alluring landscape then this is the place for you. This place has lush mountains that are covered with forest all around. This place is not only famous for being alluring and beautiful with lush mountains and forests and cascading waterfall but also for its shrines and temples. You can see the influence of Edo architecture in the building of these shrines and temples and pagodas. Visit this place to enjoy some peaceful time and to relace in the bubbling streams and hot springs and enjoy the scenic view that this place provides.

Shirakawa-go and Gokayama

These are two of the most beautiful villages in Japan and are now gaining popularity among travelers and for all the right reasons. This town has those thatched-roof houses that look stunning during snowfall. This is a stunning village and gets most of its tourists during the time when cherry blossom blooms to the fullest. This is a peaceful town, quite opposite to the fast-moving cities of Japan like Tokyo and Osaka. You can have some peaceful vacations when in this town. Visit during winters if you want to experience and look at the magical place this village turns into.

Now you know where you can go and explore Japan and its lifestyle. You can always look for different places and get to explore new places. The beautiful cherry blossom trees, the beautiful cities, amazing street food, the locals and their lifestyle, different islands, and many more are the reason for it to be one of the famous travel destinations among travelers. People visit this place for all the mentioned reasons. Plan a trip to this alluring and welcoming country and enjoy your time here. Make a proper plan and list of places you will visit beforehand. Get some ideas from the list above.

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