Plan A Exciting Heritage Trip To Moldova

Moldova is a beautiful historical destination in Europe that is popular for its Heritage and fantastic history. Yes, this country is filled with untouched natural beauty, historical landmarks, and most stunning landscapes. On this travel blog, we are here to give you information about the top places that you can visit in Moldova to enjoy a fantastic trip to this Heritage country. So, if you want to know more about it then you need to read this blog and collect every detail about the best things that you can explore in the wonderful Heritage country of Moldova.

Well, this country is indeed filled with the most iconic history of rich natural surroundings and local spots where you can relax and enjoy the authentic services of hospitality. So, if you are ready to grab all the details about this fantastic country and its tourism then relax and read this blog. We won’t take your much time so let’s have a look at the information that is given below and we are sure it will fascinate you.


Capriana Monastery

Capriana Monastery is one of the oldest monasteries located in Moldova. This is one of the beautiful attractions in this country where you can capture outstanding pictures of the forested area and the surrounding. Currently, this is one of the popular attractions that were built in the 15th century, and currently, it is one of the admired homes of the largest convent library. Exploring this Heritage site will help you to get details about this country’s cultural heritage that resides in this oldest monastery. Similarly, from this Capriana Monastery, you can grab the most outstanding details about the history and capture the most iconic pictures of the entire surrounding to get the best memories of this fabulous country.


The Triumphal Arch

The Triumphal Arch is one of the popular landmarks in Moldova that is known as the symbol of victory. This amazing landmark attracts people from all around the world to admire the beauty of holy gates, Bell tower, cathedral, and the central square to get deeper details about history. Moreover, this unique monument was constructed around 19 century. And, currently, it is one of the popular attractions that help people to admire the beautiful details and iconic clock of the arch. Therefore, exploring this wonderful landmark will help you to get deeper details about the history of Moldova.



This is one of the legendary 15-century limestone underground wineries. This is the world’s second-largest underground winery that is popular for its testing room, warehouse, and the entire interior where you can witness more than one point 1.26 million bottles of wine. Exploring this wonderful historic winery will help you to get details about the rich history of wine production. Similarly, you can also visit Saharna, Manastirea Curchi, Gagauzia, Codru National Reservation, and Soroca of Moldova.


National Museum of History of Moldova

The national museum of the history of Moldova is popular because of its 14th-century history to 2000 all remains of historical artifacts. This history museum offers tourists to admire 14th-century ceramics, ancient remains, a huge collection of World war artifacts, weapons, and other old stone objects. This popular history museum is the most admired attraction in Moldova that helps every tourist to get detail about the true rich history of this country. As well as, you can witness valid remains of World War II. Similarly, you can also explore Chisinau, Tipova Monestry, Orheiul Vechi, Taul Park, and Pommer Manor.

Therefore, these were the most fabulous attractions and things that you can do in Moldova to enjoy heritage and memorable trip. Hence, we hope that this article has offered you all the best details regarding Moldova tourism and if you want further information regarding the best destination for traveling then you can visit our website.

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