Plan your next vacation to Costa Rica

Costa Rica is an adventurous place that truly amazes everyone. So without wasting any time, we are going to list you some fabulous things you can do at this place to make your experience a memorable one.

Head out to the Nicoya Peninsula

The Nicoya Peninsula is one of those places that has been listed as a place with the lowest rates of middle-age mortality in the world. The elderly live in a society that is very closely knit inter generationally. The staple diets of the peninsula are corn and beans that have been actually inherited from the indigenous Chorotega tribe. If you are an inquisitive person, then get an insight into the secrets of Manzanillo and Malpais that live in the Pacific coast resorts. You would also find many youngsters at the place bringing in their shack-style accommodation and hippie culture. There are many opportunities available to go for scuba diving, snorkeling. Enjoy amazing views of the gorgeous beaches that lie at the tip of the peninsula. The oldest area of Costa Rica, Cabo Blanco has been backing up these beaches for many years.

Get your head out of the clouds in Monteverde

Monteverde is a cloud forest reserve that is home to six ecological zones and of which 90% are virgin forests. So you can witness the mesmerizing beauty of those forests that have been remained untouched from human intervention. Get on the ride to have an amazing educational tour that will provide you with the knowledge of the rich biodiversity of the place along with the local ecologists and biologists. Monteverde also offers many student study programs that help the student visitors to connect with the local environment and get to know regarding the economic, social and environmental challenges of the place.

Hum Along the local birdlife

If you are bird-lover, then Costa Rica can prove to be the best place to witness and get personal with the hummingbirds. There is a wide variety of these bird species in the country that counts up to 57. And when we talk about Monteverde, it is very common to spot around 15-29 different species of the bird. Another bird you can encounter here is the colorful Toucan. There are around 42 species of toucans that have been discovered till now and there are a total of six that are found in this beautiful rainforest.
Have you heard about Quetzal? It is one of the most elusive and beautiful birds of Costa Rica. But it can be very difficult to spot a Quetzal at the place. If you are very adamant to find one, then head out to the cloud forests of San Jose or the central mountains. They are some of the best places. Even if you don’t encounter one, then need not worry, there are many other attractive species you would encounter your way along.

Spot a Volcano

Costa Rica is a place where you can find many volcanoes including some active ones too. So if you are looking out for one, then it is the best place you have chosen for yourself. The most popular ones include the Arenal Volcano and its surrounding national park. This spectacular place offers you several opportunities that include going on hiking, trekking. There is something unique about its trek. Here you get to walk on a lava flow from the 1968 eruption and it also serves as a base point for mountain biking. Isn’t it something really cool and amazing?

Saddle up as a Costa Rican cowboy

You know where you can spot the unique sabanero culture of Costa Rica that has been mainly named for the cowboys who live in Sabana. It is Liberia. The place has its own international airport including a variety of ranches. Go for horseriding while witnessing its amazing wildlife that includes more than 300 species of birds, spider monkeys, tapirs, shy pumas, jaguars, and sloths.

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