Reasons to visit South Korea after coronavirus is over

Although, we happen to have no idea about when coronavirus will be gone for good, and we will be able to travel like we used to before without any care in the world. But since coronavirus has gotten its reach to almost every other country across the globe, traveling might not seem the best thing to do, at least for the next few months. But this coronavirus outbreak most certainly cannot stop us from planning our future journeys and trips. After all, traveling is the first thing that most probably everyone would like to do after having been cooped inside the house for an extended period.

With innumerable destinations to choose from, picking the best destination amongst the whole lot can be a bit tricky. However, with us by your side, you don’t have anything to be worried about. We have this one location in our minds that can guarantee to offer the most exciting experience. And the destination in question is none other than South Korea, which is known to be a very exciting place and is suitable for visitors of all kinds, including seasoned travelers. Everything about South Korea is simply amazing and compelling enough to make you visit this place right away. To brief you a little more about it, we have listed a few reasons that will make you want to experience South Korea on your first vacation post coronavirus.


Visit Seoul to admire the spectacular architecture

One of the best highlights of South Korea has to be its amazing architecture, and there can be no better place to witness the phenomenal pieces of engineering than the capital itself. Seoul is the capital of South Korea and a very high-tech city. The city is home to some of the fine examples of wonderful architectural designs, including Dongdaemun Design Plaza, Ewha Womans University, and not to mention, Bukchon Hanok Village that features a series of charming and quaint brick homes with wooden doors and pointy roofs.


Korean food can satisfy any taste palate

Another amusing thing about South Korea is its food. Whether or not you have tried Korean food before, South Korea will give you plenty of opportunities to sample the authentic Korean dishes right in its birthplace. Kimchi and bibimbap along with several other Korean dishes are worldwide popular, and you ought to sample these when visiting the country. Also, don’t forget to try Koreans one of the most favorite and delicious dishes, cold noodle soups that can satisfy any taste palate.


Admire the beauty of nature

South Korea happens to be blessed with bountiful nature, and the best way to admire its beauty is by visiting the nature reserves in the country. The Bukhansan National Park situated nearby Seoul is one of the most exceptional places to admire nature’s beauty. It boasts of serene temples, extensive forests, and rugged summits. South Korea is home to 22 national parks, with each one unique and stunning in its own way.


Island hopping can be fun

South Korea is home to 3000 islands in total, with some of them inhabited and the other few deserted. Of all the islands in the country, Jeju Island is the most beloved one, and why not? It has everything you would wish to have on an island, right from stunning volcanic features and wonderful waterfalls to Mount Hallasan (Korea’s highest mountain peak) and countless hiking trails, there’s a little bit of everything on this island. You can take a ferry ride from the island to Marado and Gapado, the two of them are extremely stunning islands featuring scenic walk trails, flower fields, and much more.


Explore the temples

South Korea is extremely popular for its temples. They are scattered throughout the country in different nooks and corners. While most temples can easily be found on the streets, a few temples are situated in the most deserted locations. No matter what temple you choose to visit, each temple in the country is stunningly beautiful in its own way. But if you ask locals as well as visitors to pick their favorite, you will most probably get Gangcheonsa Temple as an answer, which we tell you is an absolute beauty.

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