Rove your way through Eswatini (Swaziland)

Swaziland, a small landlocked nation in African continent is not very jam-packed or most visited tourist hub. But the small nation can take you by surprises. Swaziland is famous for its wildlife reserves & festivals enchanting Swazi culture. The land of 2nd largest monoliths encompasses beautiful & immaculate wildlife views.

On digging deep, there’s much more to this place.

Let’s explore!

Zebras, Giraffes, Hippos, Elephants, White Rhinos, Leopards, Antelopes

(Impala, kudu, wildebeest &waterbuck), all exist in harmony together at Eswatini’s largest protected area at Hlane Royal National Park. The roads are all sturdy. Don’t forget to see lions who occupy a separate fenced position. It’s a splendid experience not to miss.

Black & white rhino population welcomes you at Mkhaya Game Reserve, a rare place to spot rhinos. Especially rare in the sense because one sees both black & white rhinos living in close juxtaposition. Stay overnight for complete adventure. Don’t forget to see Giraffes, Buffaloes, Hippos & Crocs on the way.

Visitors are free to roam at Mlilwane Wildlife Sanctuary due to absence of all big animals. It’s a well maintained & sturdy pathway. The old-fashioned beehives can be seen with eateries in water holes!

Hiking is possible everywhere. Hiking can be self or guided. All kinds of route are there including natural & cultural. Treetop Canopy Tours is located at beautiful Malolotja Nature Reserve. Standing above Komati River with Waterfalls, it’s an adventure activity with lots of fun. Zip lines (more than 300m) follows you for a long distance followed by various wooden slides & suspension bridge.

White water rafting waits for you at Great Usutu River, commonly called as the Lusutfu River. Also a few rafting options are there at Komati river. It’s a medium difficult raft that passes through rural Swaziland. One can see wildlife & birds across the route along with picturesque beauty scenes.

Cycling & Mountain biking can be done at almost all Natural reserves of Eswatini. Miliwane, Mhlambanyatsi, Hawane, Hlane, Malolotja, Mbuluzi & Shewula are some of recommended ones.

If water rafting is not of your type & mountain biking is too modern for you then Horse Riding can be for you. It’s a popular alternative to cycling. Book 2 hours or multi day trips. Following are our recommendations –

Chubeka trails, Hoofbeat Safaris, Nyanza Stables etc. All these stables are popular there.

There’s more to Eswatini and that is Caving. Swazis have a major granite cave system up for an adventure. Trips go twice daily. It takes around 4-6 hours to complete this activity and explore the undergrounds of Eswatini. System goes as down as 200m down.

While Australia’s Uluru is world’s biggest monolith, 2nd largest is at Eswatini. Popularly called as Sibebe Rock. It is also world’s largest granite dome rock. Total height is at 4881ft & as old as 3 billion years. The rock is at its best after a fresh shower as it appeals lustrous due to multiple streams of running water splashing down.

Another volcanic mountain, Lubombo Mountains are along the uneven Mozambique border. The max height is 600m.

Best time – The best time is May-Sep (dry months), vegetation is low so easy to spot wildlife.

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