RV renting made fun and easier with RVshare.com

Opting for an RV trip is an incredibly fun way to begin your expedition journey. Whether you’re going camping or taking a cross-country trip, renting an RV for your trip can add tons of fun and comfort to your journey. RV is an excellent choice of vehicle for embarking on a new travel journey. And going with the current travel trends, RVing is becoming a very popular means of traveling. It has started to gain certain momentum in the market and is easily becoming a much-preferred choice amongst the travelers traveling across countries. It is an economical and practical way of traveling, which proves to be an excellent choice for people who are traveling together as a family. Believe it or not, renting an RV or other expenses together will cost much lesser in comparison to other traveling options. It is certainly a deal that is too good to be missed, therefore, the next time you are planning any such trip, do consider getting an RV on rent.

Now the question arises, what is the best place to rent an RV at the best rate? RVshare, which is an online marketplace to rent an RV and not to mention, the largest RV renting place in the world, is possibly the best option you can go with.


What is RVshare?

It is an online platform that connects RV owners and RV renters. It all started with the co-founders of the company (Mark and Rachel), who also happen to be a married couple, heading out for their honeymoon in an RV. Since their RV was not being much used for the majority of the year, they thought of renting their RV out. And that is how this company got established, which has now become a safe place for all the RV owners and RV renters out there. Fast forward to the present day, RVshare takes pride in being the world’s first and largest peer to peer RV rental marketplace.


What is the process to rent an RV on RVshare?

The process to rent an RV on RVshare is relatively easier. It is not a tedious process, and you can get done with it within a few minutes only. The first thing you will need to do is fill a few essential details like your pickup location or address, pickup and drop off date, and the number of people, hit the search button and you will be provided with numerous RV options to choose from. You can further refine the filter to narrow down a few selected options of your choice that meets your needs and requirements. After finding your perfect RV, you can put a request for renting the vehicle, which will be approved by the owner. You can also choose to communicate with the owner if you have any queries regarding the RV. Some owners also have policies and cleaning fees for renters traveling with pets. After you return the vehicle to the owner in the same condition it was before you took it into your possession, you will shortly receive the security deposit.


Rental insurance

Another great thing about RVshare is they offer plenty of policies to both RV renter and the owner, which covers all the costly expenses. If you’re renting an RV through RVshare, you will automatically be covered by insurance without having to pay any additional charges. The insurance price differs according to the type of RV you have selected. These insurances cover pretty much everything including vandalism, accidents, and much more. Renter insurance, fraud screening, payment protection, rental replacements, and damage deposit protection are some of the best benefits you can avail from RVshare.


Rental rates

The rental rates for RV on RVshare completely depends on the type of RV you have chosen, its condition, and the geographic condition as well. Apart from paying the standard rental cost, the renter also has to pay a service fee for availing roadside assistance service. There are a few other things that can add to the final cost of renting an RV, therefore, make sure that you read the contract carefully before agreeing or signing it.

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