Shopping List: Africa Tour Edition

As a chosen tour destination, Africa holds a bounty for you. It is full of possibilities and capacities to keep your shopper thirst satiated. If you are a spendthrift, you are likely to make great investments into things of beauty and in general. The landscape besides being amazingly fascinating with all the booming wildfires provides for the top quality raw material for the manufacture of the best and most authentic pieces of handicraft.
So when you are here, touring the various amazing spots, fill your bags with some amazing shopping items that will keep your pockets safe and decorate your interests well too!

Read the shopping list below.

1. Pichulik Jewelry

Pichulik jewelry is beautiful and made from the land. The jewelry has woven roped and copper beads to lock them up. The exquisitely dark colored ropes are combined variously with beads made of copper to create various designs through locks is a beautiful piece of personal decoration. You might use them for yourself and to adorn your loved ones. The make of the jewelry is endemic to Africa and is a virtue of its culture.

2. Maasai Bead Jewelry

Maasai beads are of great value in Africa. They are pretty colorful, with more emphasis on pretty because their scope doesn’t have a limit. The beads are made for making a unique set of jewelry that is not found anywhere else. Plus, the variety is so great and vivid that you will be hooked for hours figuring out which ones to take and which ones to bid goodbye to. The jewelry could be very robust and big in size. Shop for earrings, necklaces, bands, etc.

3. Bags Made of Wood

The amazing nature-inspired product is a graceful addition to one’s wardrobe. The sleek design and uptight outlook of these wooden bags are a must for someone who finds interest in delicate handicrafts. The bags look clean and the cuts are done properly so the flicks don’t trouble you. The leather carriage support always comes along to decide what the style of the bag would be. The strap can also come in wood if handheld bags are your thing.

4. Porcelain Bowls

Porcelain is a fancied item here. This means that you are going plenty of things here made of fine and shiny porcelain. The softness of the material is showcased through its wonderful finish. The bowls always have some natural factor drawn over them and the superior finish is a much-appreciated virtue. The wonderful ochre brown hue looks very earthy and concentrated and hence would be loved by your kitchen!

5. Shea Butter

Africa produces this butter with a lot of passion. It is endemically found on the continent. The butter has a rich moisturizing factor and no product on earth can match it in terms of how deeply the butter moisturizes. The butter is used in many beauty products that want to give you glistening skin. In reality, you just need a box and it is going to run for eternity while delivering the exact result.


You are surely going back home with all the essential things that you don’t only love but have not bitten your pocket hard. These items have high usability and hence are valuable. You can use them till the end of time. Plus, they are all fabulous-looking from a high fashion prospect because it bears an exotic tint. The shea butter will run as long as you want and you will always have enough stock for moisturizing your skin through cold weather. So, buckle up your shopper instincts and let yourselves know that you are in for great purchases to take back home!

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