The Bahamas: The islands for vacations

The Bahamas is made up of numerous islands, reefs, islets. People visit these islands to rest, relax enjoy the beach and the sun. This place is packed with fun-filled activities like swimming or several water sports. People know this place for its beaches and the activities however this place also has its own culture and history to narrate and tell. If you are interested in the activities and culture offered by this island country then do visit this country with beaches with the world’s clearest ocean. Check out the list of places listed below when you visit these islands to enjoy your trip to the fullest.


Harbor Island

When I hear beach or sand, I think about either white or brown. But did you know that the sand at Harbor Island is neither white nor brown? Its PINK! The long stretch of dazzling pink sand in front of your eyes. This island is famous for its beautiful sand and its relaxed yet chic environment. The water here is perfect for water activities like swimming, diving, and experiencing water life or even fishing. The sunset makes this island look so divine when the rays of the sun fall onto the pink sand. It feels heavenly walking by the coast during the sunset. There’s this city called Dunmore where you can enjoy the culture and lifestyle of the locals residing there. Get there and get a chance to taste the local specialties such as crabs or conch. This town is also talked about in the famous novel ‘ China Rich Girlfriend’.


Bimini Island

Let’s visit the island that is just some miles away from Florida’s eastern coast. The island has a world of its own. This island is famous for fishing. So, if you are a fan of fishing or snorkeling then get this place on your list. Stay in resorts or hotels with a view of the turquoise water body. Dive into the sea and dive along with sharks such as the hammerheads and experience a face-to-face encounter with these aquatic species. Try some in-house fun activities the resorts offer or plan some one-day excursions and enjoy the Caribbean life offered by the island.


Dolphin Cay Atlantis

Located on Paradise Island, this is a marine reservation area. Here you can swim with the dolphins. They take utmost care to carry out this activity with keeping the dolphins safe. You have to follow certain rules and regulations and then you are allowed to enjoy the swim with these cute creatures. Visitors can get educated as well on this trip. Dolphin Cay helps visitors interact and participate in activities that help them get knowledge about this. People can also learn how to feed, take care of dolphins by spending time with the dolphins and getting a seek to peek into their daily care.


National Art Gallery of Bahamas

We all know that the Bahamas is famous for its beach and every other tourist’s first preference is to visit all the beaches and enjoy the tropical weather. What about the heritage and culture of this country? If you are interested in the culture of this place then visit this art gallery and have a tour of the museum. Colorful murals adorn the walls tell different stories. Get yourself and your loved ones some souvenirs from this place.


Grand Bahama Islands

Situated in the northernmost part of the Bahamas is the Great Bahamas Island. Take a tour around the busiest city of the Great Bahamas, Freeport, on a jeep and enjoy the fresh air and cool breeze. You can explore the coral reefs or have a snorkeling moment with the fishes or have a look at Gold Rock Creek.

Plan a trip and take a look at these tropical islands. Get yourself introduced to the Caribbean culture and experience the way they live life on these islands. Get a little bit close to their culture and have learned new things. Swim along with different aquatic animals and look at the life below the surface. Try their local dishes as well as their specialties, enjoy your time in this island country. Pack your bags and plan a trip right now.

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