The Lungs of Earth-Amazon Rainforest, Quick Travel Checklist

Amazon, The Largest rainforest in the 4th largest Continent, South America is a very famous touring destination for beginners and experts alike.

Normally, the tour begins by covering a part of the Amazon Rainforest and then takes you to Peru, Lima to Machu Pichu, and other Excavation sites.

Amazon Jungle spans multiple countries and that means plenty of flora and fauna. The mighty rainforest spans from Brazil, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, and Bolivia & Guyana.

Amazon river from which this rainforest gets its name has an intricate network with many tributaries and sub-tributaries going deep in the jungle. The amazon river gives life to an extensive network of flora and fauna.

The most common Amazon entrance points are Brazil and Peru.

According to the official description of SouthAmerica Travels, “In Brazil, Manaus is a common center point for rainforest excursions and in Peru, explorers enter through Iquitos or Puerto Maldonado. People from around the world travel to the Amazon through Brazil and Peru to revel in the beauty and sheer wildness of the jungle. Amazon trips are the perfect getaway from your regular life.”

There are 2 main choices for amazon tours

 stay in a rainforest lodge or book an Amazon River Cruise Tour, typical starting points are Iquitos in Peru, Manaus in Brazil, and Coca in Ecuador.

The typical time needed is 3 to 8 days via cruises (Same place of starting and ending)

Checklist of important articles and other tips

Waterproof Footwear and Thick Socks

While most lodges will provide rubber boots for walking around the trails, it is very important to ask for one. If they do not provide, bring a solid shoe with comfortable ankle support and get a good grip.

It is advisable to waterproof your shoes because rain and mud are pretty common to encounter in the wild

Wearing thick wool socks is recommended as it always keeps moisture from shoes while walking in the Amazon rainforest treks.


Bring multi-layers clothing. For the long excursion, long sleeves, long pants, and high socks go long way.

This will protect you from both bugs and the sun. A breathable quick-dry pant is a more useful option.

Extra Clothing

We can’t stress enough the importance of some extra clothing lines due to the immense humid nature of the rainforest, your clothes can just never dry enough.

Do remember that laundry service is not there at many major lodges so keep an extra one.

Rain Gear

 It’s dead simple, bring a poncho or a waterproof jacket and you can also purchase these in certain lodges before the road to trail begins.

Swimsuit and Headwear

A chance will come for sure where you can get a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to bathe in the Amazon River itself or its tributaries.

Don’t spoil the chance, so pack for swimwear beforehand

Bring a hat or cap to keep the sun out and also your head dry and clean!

Backpack tips

Bring a waterproof, and sturdy backpack, and which can carry a camera, water bottle, binoculars quickly while on the trails in canoes.

Flashlight and batteries

The flashlight is critical on expeditions like this. Bring batteries as well. A headlamp is also an ideal device.

It is common to see electricity blackouts at lodges in the night time so it is going to be a wise decision.

Don’t forget to enjoy the night walk activity.

Insect Repellents and Binoculars 

Bring an insect repellent with a minimum of 20% DEET.

Since it is not possible to bring the repellent to your plane to Puerto Maldonado or Iquitos, it is a wise decision to ask the concerned guide to bring one.

Binoculars are a no-brainer to bring. Don’t you want to spot a jungle animal from far?

Wet Wipes, Hand Sanitizers, and a First aid kit

Bring along some pain medication, bandages, blister covers, etc. The guides will have some very nominal supplies and some medical knowledge but usually no pain medications.

A Wristwatch 

Good to keep a wristwatch to follow every activity on time as it’s difficult to always see the smartphone for seeing time.

Camera, extra batteries, and extra memory cards 

Don’t limit yourself to any photo-clicking opportunity. So, bring along extra memory cards and an extra battery.

Plastic Bags 

It can be useful for many reasons but the major help from bags will be to keep clothes dry and wet clothes away.

Toiletries / Meds 

Bring anything and everything. Some lodges do provide some basic items but not most. Things like toothpaste, toothbrush, lotions, hairbrush, allergy medicine, antacids, etc

Don’t even think of bringing any electronics like a hairdryer as you won’t be able to use it anyways.


You must have your original passport with you. You can keep this in the safe in your room.

Keep all these items handy and your Amazon tour will be a tour to remember for life. The best time to visit is during June to Nov. These are the times when water levels are lower in Amazon and more land excursions are applicable.

However, it rains for more than 250 days in Amazon as the rain is what keeps the forest alive.

It is safe to travel the rainforest as the guides are there, especially from Brazil areas. Outside of Manaus, take Malaria prophylaxis and all recommended vaccinations.

Rio Negro route is most preferred due to negligible mosquitoes.

Enjoy your Amazon Trip

Happy Traveling!


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