The Startlingly Staggering Places to Tour at Marrakech, Morocco

Marrakech is the 4th largest city in the Kingdom of Morocco and to put it in simple terms, one can hate or love it immensely.

If you want to love the beautiful city, it is very important to prepare accordingly and set a bar on your expectations that it is a place like no other on the planet

Marrakech can be both hot and cold and the weather changes pretty quickly and maps don’t work here, a city called Medina has a full chance to get lost similar to Italian streets, even more, complex than those.

Marrakech is a perfectly safe site for women provided precautions are taken and yes there are many beautiful accommodations for cheap so no need to go for super luxurious hotels.

Let’s explore the city of Moorish architecture and intimate gardens


Jardin Majorelle

A stunning, well-maintained park. Helps in cooling from market hustle and bustle.

  • A small park that can be easily covered in a 1-hour walk.
  • A monument to YSL stands on grounds
  • A café is there that serves a plethora of food and drinks at the ultra-nominal price
  • Air-sprayers cool concerning the pleasant surroundings.
  • Tall trees and breezing air with lots of fountains and ponds
  • Visit early to avoid any confrontation with heat
  • Vivid variety of colored flora, clean, and beautiful and lots of Cacti


Palacio da Bahia

A historic site and an architectural building with stunning artwork. Take a stroll at the 19th-century palace and feel the relaxing environment.

  • Most recommended historic site to visit in Marrakech
  • Professional staff and services
  • Moorish Architecture and see the majesty of arabo Andalou decorations up on the ceiling and walls
  • Stunning tile patterns and various courtyards with fountains and adornments


Anima André Heller Garden

ANIMA is a magical place of intense beauty that is not possible to get in the crowd. While it’s a garden, but it’s much more than a garden

With 250+ botanical species and bamboo, palms, cacti many species are all made into an art form by traditional artists.

  • 2 museum rooms show artists from around the world
  • Café Paul Bowles offers meals made of garden-fresh spices like Olives, Mint, saffron, etc.
  • Nice mountain view from the eatery
  • Quirky and colorful sculptures are all over and mark the way
  • Refresh yourself from tiring journey sessions


Le Jardin Secrets

Riad museum Le Jardin secrets is one of the most ancient places in Medina, Marrakech. According to LE Jardin officials, “It is a place that has kept ancient structures intact that are of an extraordinary cultural value, linked to the art of gardens, architecture and Arab hydraulics. Popularly known as Riad Loukrissi, it has been the sumptuous residence of the Qaid U-Bihi who was the head of the Haha tribe.”

  • It has 2 large gardens and the highest Medina tower
  • Find a plethora of information on Marrakech’s architecture, water, and gardens.
  • Can take a guided tour for best enjoyment
  • Peaceful and tranquil


Medina of Marrakesh

A historic site to see architectural buildings and culture. However, extremely crowded. So, if you’re not a crowd lover, it is better to avoid or see from a broad point.

  • A beautiful maze of breath-taking architecture and busy people
  • Great buildings, colorful people, Alive yet crazy place due to crowd
  • We prepare for scams and choose only legit food places. Openly say no if someone forces you


Musee Yves Saint Laurent Marrakech

Specialty Museum showing YSL (Yves St Laurent) chronological history and his exquisite history with stunning architecture. Expensive and commercial as well

  • A lovely garden with pristine well-maintain beauty provides a surreal experience
  • An opportunity to see YSL’s brilliance and attention to detail up and close.
  • A souvenir gift shop for buying stuff at all price points
  • The museum will be more appealing to those who admire art and design or fashion lovers
  • A café is there as well for everyone


Some other tourist attractions are Jamaa el-Fnaa, a market; Maison de la Photographie, an art museum; Koutoubia Mosque, Dar El Bacha-Musee des Confluences, a special art museum; Dar si Said Museum and El Badi palace


Marrakech Morocco has over 20+ tourist attractions and a wide variety of gardens, stunning architecture, serene views, and surreal museums.

Marrakech is a completely different experience and vividly diverse city of the Kingdom of Morocco.

The place has some of the best food and marvelous photographic locations worth trying. Marrakech is the epitome of diverse cultures and long-tied traditions.

Try for sure if it of your taste at least once in a lifetime for sure you’ll be undoubtedly loving this city

Happy traveling

Thanks for reading

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