The Ultimate Travel Guide To Provence France

When we think of Provence France: lavenders, miles of vineyards, crystal clear waters, and contrasting landscapes come to our mind. The place is breathtaking and indeed a traveler’s dream destination. Provence is filled with the most scenic lavender fields that call for jaw-dropping scenery. This face of the earth seems as if being photoshopped- it’s that spectacular! If you’re planning to visit France your France itinerary should definitely be pinned with this region.
The French region is home to spectacular scenery, amazing French cuisine, mesmerizing hilltops, great vineyards, buzzing streets& colorful markets, lively atmosphere, and above all a balmy climate. From decades the place is a tourist hotspot with hordes of tourists visiting this place every year. The exorbitantly prized region has many iconic attractions to visit that captivate the traveler’s soul and mind. Provence is always associated with sandy beaches, cramped with aroma The Lavender fields, Verdon Canyon, isolated creeks, and rocky inlets that you just can’t dare to miss.

To make your Provence travel planning easy we have compiled an ultimate Provence Travel guide for you which will include what places to be added in your Provence itinerary. Do check them out!


Verdon Gorge

Verdon Gorge is regarded as Europe’s most beautiful river canyon. The turquoise-green color water whilst Limestone Mountain walls call for a pristine scenery. The place is a hype among the tourists and for all the good reasons. You can do really exciting stuff here! The place is an ideal spot for adventure-seekers. You can drive around the rim, or rent kayaks to hike on the river. Also, the Limestone Mountains serve as the main attraction for mountain travelers as the mountains are several meters high. Even if you don’t want to do much of thrill you can visit the place to get soaked in the breathtaking scenery.



Orange is home to the most spectacular architectural monument of the Roman Empire “Roman Theater”. This one is the only Roman theater in Europe that has preserved the original theater walls and is in great shape. The place offers you a perfect living history experience and you should visit the place if you love to dig deep into history. During Roman times, this theater used to hold more than 10,000 audiences and still hosts many cultural events and shows. Apart from this Orange also has another historical monument that is impressive to capture and is known as the Arch of Triumph since the 1st century BC.


Papal Palace – Avignon

Another striking place to visit in Provence is the Palais des Papes- a historical palace located in the medieval town of Avignon. It is one of the most prominent European buildings built in the Gothic style. The palace was the residence of popes during the times when the papacy stayed in Avignon. If you plan to visit Orange, do visit this strikingly rich neighborhood to capture the impressive historical building and to immerse in the cobblestone streets of the old town.



The main charm of the Provence region is the spectacular villages and the magnificent atmosphere these villages have. Gordes is the most beautiful village you can find in Provence or would be right to say in France. The village is situated at a hilltop and renders a splendid scenery. The stone houses with terracotta roofs and the medieval atmosphere is what comes to our mind when we think of Gordes. You would be amazed to know that the beauty of this village has been an inspiration to many renowned artists. You can visit the castle over here or simply witness the local village life and if nothing of this you can enjoy the beautiful landscape of this village.

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