Things every visitor should know before traveling to Germany

Teeming with forests, mountain ranges, pristine rivers, and idyllic beaches, Germany is a wonderful tourist place for a myriad of reasons. Tucked away in Central and Western Europe, Germany is ubiquitously known for its fabulous art and nightlife scenes. Whether it’s the lip-smacking food and delicious beer or obsolete architecture narrating the rich and interesting history of the country, everything about this place is simply astounding, and not to forget those stunning landscapes encompassing north sea beaches, forests, and peaks that contribute to the awe-inspiring natural beauty of this land.

Much like any other country, Germany also has its own basic set of etiquette and customs. Getting acquainted with the country’s customs and other basic things prior to the trip helps you as a visitor while also ensuring that you have a wonderful time in a foreign place. Although Germany is arguably one of the most sought-after places in Europe, there are a few things we would like you to keep in mind so that you can make the most of your Germany trip with lesser embarrassing mistakes made throughout the expedition.


Learn a few German words or phrases

The language barrier is not really a problem in Germany unless you plan on exploring the country beyond Berlin where you can encounter all types of languages and most people speak English. The language might be a problem when venturing out to small town or other cities of the country, therefore, it’s best if you learn a few German words or phrases, which will make it easier for you to get around, and you will also be able to understand some sign in a better way on your own.


Know your transport zone

Traveling around the country is relatively easier, considering Germany has one of the world’s excellent and modern transport systems. From buses and trams to underground subways and taxis, there are all different sorts of transport available for the public. Depending on the place you’re heading to, you can look for the transport system that feels more practical to you. Also, you should be familiar with the transport zone, there are different zones throughout the country and to be able to travel via public transport, you will need to have appropriately zoned ticket.


Always keep some cash with you

Unlike so many other countries in the world, Germany hasn’t entirely become a cashless nation. Most small vendors, bars, and restaurants only accept cash and not a debit or credit card for payment. Places that accept cards usually accept German cards only. Therefore, you must keep cash with you all the time throughout your stay in the country. You should also get familiar with the ATMs so that you can withdraw money whenever needed.


Recycle glass and plastic bottles

Germans take recycling very seriously. It has become a custom for them to recycle glass and plastic bottles in recycling depots that are fixed at the entrance of most grocery stores. For each bottle recycled, you will get a refund of up to 25 cents; the refund for plastic bottles is usually higher, whereas the refund is slightly lesser for glass bottles. You can read the label of the bottle to check if it can be recycled.


Sundays are not for shopping

From shops to pharmacies and supermarkets, pretty much everything remains closed on Sundays in Germany except for cafes and restaurants. It is a rest day for the owners as well as the workers of pharmacies, supermarkets, and shops. Therefore, if you have any shopping to do, make sure to do it before Sundays. Also, you don’t have to spend your Sunday in Germany resting in your hotel room; you can still venture out and explore other things like museums or just to grab a meal or snacks at cafes or restaurants.

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