Things you can do when you are in Athens

An important part of western civilization, Athens is a wonderful place to plan a vacation at. The capital city of Greece is an alluring place to be at. This metropolitan city is a blend of modern architecture and fast-moving city life and also the historic monuments and buildings and ruins. The ancient ruins are mesmerizing to look at. Spend some time and feel yourself going back in time with these ancient ruins. You can know more about them at the museums present here in the city. Walk around the streets and explore the house decorated in flowers and those cute terrace cafes and restaurants. This place is so surreal and feels unique. If you are planning of visiting this old and famous city then here are some of the things you can add to your list.
1: Visiting Ancient Acropolis

The acropolis was an important part of the ancient civilization. Located at the hilltop, it overlooks the place below. This is such a wonderful place to visit during the vacation. You get to see the Parthenon or the amazingly large temple with stunning sculptural detailing. This is a beautiful sight to see. You can also visit the famous temple of Athena Nike, Erectheion< and other ancient ruins. You can go all the way to the hilltop and overlook the city below or can visit some restaurants and look at the ancient acropolis from a distance. 2: A day at Acropolis museum

You can either plan a whole day for this museum trip or can go visit the museum after visiting the ancient acropolis. This museum contains an important and valuable greek art collection. This is located near the ancient acropolis and thus it is better to plan a day for both. You can see some amazing ancient greek artwork and other collections. The museum is huge and is made to integrate the ancient neighborhood into the facility. Book the tickets to the museum online in advance to avoid standing in long queues.
3: Strolling around in Pláka

If you are looking for a nice village ambiance with a peaceful life, narrow streets, beautiful flower-covered houses and cute shops then you can visit the Pláka
Region. Here you can experience a calming village environment. This peaceful area has beautiful churches and ruins. The area around seems so surreal and picturesque. Have a nice meal at terrace cafes and restaurants looking around the mesmerizing area. Here you would find the Roman Agora and the Library of Hadrian.
4: Spending some time at the Museum of Cycladic Art

If you are interested in are and culture of this city and the greek civilization then this is the place to visit. This museum houses a large collection of artworks depicting greek art Cypriot art, Cyclades art, and so much more. Not only this is a beautiful place in itself with the marble and glass decoration around. There are collections that date back centuries.
5: Visiting Olympieion

The temple of Olympian Zeus or the Olympieion was known to be ancient Greece’s largest temple. You can see the remains of this wonderful and massive temple. There used to be hundreds of huge marble columns that were used to support the sanctuary but now only a few remain standing. This is a shrine to the ancient greeks god Zeus. you can also visit the ruins nearby this temple where you can see the ancient Roman baths and other things. Visit this area to get to know more about the ancienGreecece.

This vacation in Athens would be different than the one that other greek islands. This place is more famous for its ancient ruins and the history associated with it. It is also one of the most important cities in Greece and lots of visitors come here and spend some time in the capital city. Wait no more and plan a nice trip to this beautiful city. There are so many places you can visit here. If you like greek mythology or are interested in western civilization then this is the place you should visit. Plan a trip to this wonderful city and have a great time.

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