Tips and Tricks: How to make the most of your time at Disney World ?

Adult or kid, the Walt Disney World is one of those dreamy destinations that every person loves visiting. And honestly, nobody would ever really miss the chance of visiting the Disney world and that’s the beauty of this magical and wondrous place. The Disney world is so vast that it takes more than just one or two days to take the tour of the entire location. Considering how huge this place is consisting of several theme parks, it’s important to learn a few tips and tricks to help you make the most of your time in this dreamy location. And if you have been planning to visit the Disney World anytime soon, then make sure to take a read through the article as we have listed a few hacks for you that will ensure that you have the most fun and hassle-free time while taking a tour of Walt Disney.


Best time to visit Disney World

Going with the worldwide popularity of the Disney World, it’s quite obvious that this place remains packed for most of the time as both local residents as well as tourists traveling internationally especially take their time out to visit this dreamy location. While you can visit this location any time of the year but if you’re planning to visit this place during the peak season including spring and winter break, throughout the summers or the holiday season then you can expect a lot of crowd at that time which doesn’t mean that you won’t enjoy your time here but this can turn out to be a little stressful and at times it may test your patience as well. This is why, if you can visit this place during the offseason such as between the end of January to the beginning of February, the end of September or between Halloween, you will witness a much lesser crowd which also means you’ll be able to cover a lot of ground during the trip and also wouldn’t have to stand in long queues.


Use your Fastpass smartly

Fastpasses are one of the first things you should be booking before visiting Disney world. You are allowed to book only three passes per day and the trick is to use those passes smartly. After you’re done using those passes for the day, you can book more using my Disney experience app to continue enjoying your time in the Disney world. And make sure to use the passes only when it’s required. Use them for the attractions that actually have a huge crowd outside it. And always try to schedule your passes as close together as you can.


Choose single rider line to cut wait lines

If you want to enjoy some of the blockbuster rides then make your way through a single rider line to cut wait lines. If you are traveling to Disney world alone, then make sure to take the best advantage of these single rider lines as they move a lot quicker than the regular lines. Millennium Falcon: smuggler’s run, test tracks, expedition Everest, rock ‘n’ roller coaster are some of the rides that offer single rider lanes.


Embrace the rainy days

If it happens to rain on the day of your visit to Disney World, don’t drop your plans and instead take the advantage of this weather as most of the people flee the parks and rush to a few rides that can keep them from getting soaked in the rain. Make sure that you don’t follow their footsteps and instead make the most of your trip by throwing a poncho on yourself as well as other members of your family to take advantage of shorter lines. After all, it’s Florida we are talking about, if one minute it’s downpouring the other minute it will be all bright and sunny again, so always come prepared.


Ride the popular attractions as soon as the park opens

The earlier you reach the Disney world the better experience you will have. If you want to make sure that you enjoy all the popular rides then try to reach the destination as earlier as you can and right when the park opens, head straight to ride the popular attractions. The crowd during the morning tends to be a lot lesser which is why you need to reach the destination as early as possible.

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