Top 4 Best Hiking Trails On The Globe

Hikes are always crammed with amazing things! Rugged paths, stunning vista, unique flora, and fauna, mesmerizing natural features waterfalls and ice fields captivate the soul and mind. And, to some, it’s the best way to flex some muscles. Besides adding stunning sceneries to our memories, hiking has various physical benefits too. It helps in preventing heart disease, cholesterol, and ensures you’re overall fit. So, if you have made your mind to relish the indelible experience we have scooped out the best hiking trails for you. The trails that will make your legs work but will please your eyes.

Surely, hiking is a lifetime experience that opens you to a new world and so we have selected the 4 best hiking trails for you that you can surely put on to your bucket list. Keep reading!


Inca Trail

Location: Peru
Miles: 26 miles Long
Duration: 4 Days and 3 Nights
Best Time To Hike- May to September
The Inca trail is known to be the world’s most hiked trail and is on the list of all the hikers around the globe. Everyone wishes to hike the famous trial at least once in their lives and for all the good reasons. The trail ends with a beautiful and spectacular vista. Also, the ancient paths and ruins tuck the hiking with a living history experience. The best part about the trail is that most of the part still renders the vibe of the originally constructed trail, an absolute testimony to Incan architecture and engineering. The path passes through lush jungles where you can spot many wooly creatures so just be careful while you put your feet ahead. There are two mountain passes before you hit the classic Machu Picchu situated at 7,982 feet.
Surely the hike will bound you with a unique experience.


Grand Canyon Rim To Rim Hike

Location- United States
Distance- 24 miles approx
Duration- 3 To 4 Days
Best-Time To Hike- May 15 To October 15
The Grand Canyon Rim To Rim Hike is listed among the top-rated hikes of the world and every adept hiker’s dream trail. The hike is known to be the toughest trails in the world and we would recommend the trail to all the seasoned hikers. About less than 2% of the 7 million visitors who visit the place commence the hike and that too after months of practicing. There are two ways to hike one you can go from North to South Kaibab i.e. 21.3 miles and North Kaibab to Bright Angel route i.e. 23.9 miles.
You don’t need any permit to hike unless you’re for some advertising purpose. For first-timers, the best route would be North Kaibab to Bright Angel. Don’t forget to carry salty snacks and at least 3 liters of water while trekking. The trek will unfold the United States’ most stunning views.


Tour du Mont Blanc Hiking

Location- France, Italy, and Switzerland
Distance- 106 miles
Duration- 3 Days
Best Time To Hike- June to August
The Tour du Mont Blanc hike is known to be the continent’s most popular hiking track. The trail stretches about 106 miles passing through France, Italy, and Switzerland. It is a wild trail with rugged paths, vast forests, and stunning views. Also, it is known to be a foodie’s hike as the trail passes through various villages that offer a delectable and unique cuisine.


Sierra High Route

Location- California
Distance- 195 miles
Duration- 15 to 17 Days (longest Trail)
Best Time To Hike- Summer Or Early Fall
The boulder and concentrated paths that put a strain and make you feel as if you’re doing something serious. Is how you can describe the Sierra High Route. Recommend for seasoned hikers as it’s quite challenging and the longest trail on the list!

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