Top 7 must follow tips for safe road trip during rains

A road trip during rains can be in the bucket list of many individuals. The sweet petrichor, vivid color displays all around, beautiful sceneries & cool breeze. What more could one expect? Many people love driving in rain for many it is a fancy dream. But the reality is a bit different here & the rate of accidents also rises manifold. Danger is more prominent in hill sides with the risk of landslides.

Whatever be the danger, one can still enjoy it safely provided you follow protocols & we share 7 tips to assist you here-

Keep your vehicles checked – It’s raining cats and dogs everywhere & no one wants to get stuck into such weather with a stupid vehicle. So check your tires, Wipers of windshield, headlight, horn working properly or it can be a risky situation where no one wants to get trapped.

Have an eye on weather forecasts – For starters, you must know your final destination & time required to reach there. (Speed during rainy season is only about 1/3rd of normal one) Now see the weather forecast of not only your place but also of your final destination. Plan accordingly.

Avoid Nocturnal drives –  Driving at night should be avoided at all costs in heavy rains. A road trip is not adventure at night & more of a danger. It can be very risky (headlights of opposite side vehicles, animal crossings, rain brought low visibility to name a few). While driving at day time is still not 101% safe but retention rate of day time accidents is more than that at night.

Set off fuel needs – This is a bit obvious and important also. Fuel should be at proper level as per destined journey. One never knows how much time it will take or there will be any fuel pumps on the road. So just to be sure, keep it full beforehand to avoid unnecessary negligence based uncomforting situation ahead.

Avoid Off-road stunts – While driving through rough, sandy patches is a pretty cool option during summers but forget doing the same during rains. Don’t increase your problems yourself. A muddy track is nothing but an open invitation to death! You never know where there can be deep potholes. Rain mixes with soil to make slippery & loose. So no matter what happens always take the right route.

Carry an emergency kit – An emergency kit other than normal first-aid can be helpful addition. Things can go worse sometimes & you might be trapped in the dead of night. An emergency kit could have following items-
Umbrella, Rain Coat, Water-proof torch, Hiking grade shoes & Mosquito repellant.

Weather worsening? Better keep an eye on it – This is very important. Even if you have done road trips in heaviest of rains 10000 times, then also follow same safety rules on 10001st trip. If it gets way too stormier or weather gets too rough, better stop sideways and wait until things get okay. Don’t forget to switch on your headlights & tail-lights so that other drivers can see. It can be an unnecessary risk otherwise.


We hope you follow these rules & drive responsibly. A responsible driver is liable to safe driving to safeguard his interests.
Thanks for reading.

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