Top must-have dishes when in London

London, home to the Royal Family is one of the main tourist attractions in the world. People from all over the world visit this beautiful city. This city has a mixture of history, ancient traditions, a modern way of living, and famous English cuisine. How can one visit London and not try the English delicacies? There are so many popular cafes and restaurants all around London where you can get the best of food. You can enjoy your food with a great view of the city around.

If you are visiting this city and want to enjoy the best of their food then look at the list of dishes you can try and enjoy. Enjoy the English dishes with the stunning view of the city.


Steak and Kidney Pie

Steak and kidney pie is full of flavors pie that has a filling made with beef, kidney, and gravy. This pie is extremely famous in English cuisine and is a staple dish for every English person. The gravy is flavorful and rich. The pie is crispy on the outside and soft and delicious on the inside. The slow cooking of this pie allows the crust to become crusty and flaky and the filling which usually is meat to get tender and soft. This is a savory pie that can be available at every restaurant in London for you to enjoy.


Fish and Chips

This is one of the most famous English dishes of all time. You must have heard about fish and chips somewhere. This is one of the most selling dishes in the UK and people are obsessed with this. You can get this dish anywhere from the street side shop and at very high-end dine-ins. Fish and chips are delicious and at the same time extremely affordable. You can enjoy this dish even while having a walk around the city.


Beef Wellington

Beef Wellington, basically made with beef, mushrooms, and pastry. In this dish, the beef fillet is covered with delicious mushrooms and meat and which is then wrapped in a pastry. Puff pastries are extremely common and famous in English cuisine and thus the soft and tender beef with flavorful mushrooms and the flaky and crusty pastry together cooked became a famous and popular dish in London and the whole of England. The pastry encloses such rich and seasoned filling making it that one dish that is a must-have when visiting the county.


Black Pudding

Usually, pudding is made up of either oatmeal, barley, or other cereals. But here black pudding is a little bit different as it is made from either beef or pork blood. Black pudding is a blood sausage made up of cereals, blood, and seasoning. This is cooked as sausage and is seasoned with flavors like thyme, lemon, or other seasonings. You can have this by grilling it or baking or even sometimes frying it. You can have this with toast or potatoes. This is usually used in the making of scotch eggs.


English breakfast

The most famous dishes in London have to be the English breakfast. You can not be in London and not try the famous English breakfast. This breakfast consists of some eggs, tomatoes, beans, pork, mushrooms, grilled sausages, toasts, and chips or wedges. This is the staple breakfast of all English people and everyone in England and of course, London has this platter at least once a week. English breakfast is quite famous in the whole world. If you are visiting London then this is a must-try dish out of all the dishes present in London. You can customize items present in the platter and change them according to your preferences.

These are some of the famous and delicious English dishes that are a must-try when in the land of Big Ben. You can try other different dishes as well when in this city. Just roam around in the city and look for good cafes and restaurants. Try small businesses and street food as well. enjoy the food and explore the city alone or with your loved ones. Food always makes people happy and this good food will make your trip pleasant and enjoyable, experience the English cuisine when in England.

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