Top tips for staying in shape while traveling

Health is wealth is the right abstract here. We often overlook our health while traveling. Binge eating, sitting all day in resorts or cruise & doing minimum to no work, all add to our unhealthy habits leading to various problems in the long run.

So is there any way one can stay fit while on a tour?

Well there are definitely many ways to follow your fitness regime while on a tour.

Practice Versatile workouts – It’s easy to make excuses when traveling abroad and neglecting your health in the meantime which is not true if you practice some basic workouts even when you are are on a travel routine. Some exercises like wall pushups can be done in your hotel room. Another is to practice workouts which are universal and can be done anywhere. Also the activities like hiking, cycling can act as exercise without feeling like exercise.

Diet plays major role – 80% or more role in good health is of equally good diet. A healthy diet not only gives you strength but also repair your muscles & releases feel good hormones from brain. We have compiled some must included food items when traveling.

  • Meat
  • Fowl – Chicken, turkey, duck, hen
  • Fish – Also includes shrimps, lobster, crab & other aquatic edible living organisms
  • Eggs – Chicken or Ostrich eggs
  • Vegetables – Dark Leafy preferably
  • Oils – Olive, coconut, any natural
  • Fruits – If losing weight then limit them to avoid sugars, otherwise great source of fiber
  • Nuts – Good to go as a snack but in limit
  • Tubers – Sweet potatoes, Yams, high in carbohydrates
  • Bacon

Remember to include protein source, vegetable, some fruits & nuts to make a colorful platter. Foods like Pasta, Rice, dairy & grains to be consumed in mediocre amounts.

Party instinctively – Many people love to party but alcohol is not any good to health. We know the obvious answers like staying up too late, eating junk foods, video games or binge watching are all unhealthy so drink but in moderation. Develop that discipline.

  • Wine & liquor without mixers is healthiest among the lot
  • Light beers in moderate quantity
  • Sugary drinks or combos of alcohols with them, just plain avoid.

Add small activities in your routine – Being active helps rather than being seated at your hotel all day. Small activities like riding a bike through city voluntarily or small hiking trips boost the confidence. So make the confidence by doing more hikes & strength training at least once. Every bit counts so move from your place and do something active. Mix at least 1 active activity if you day is full of sedentary parties for the day.

Follow “Playground Workout” – This is a new going trend and you can see many YouTube videos for the same. The best is of Nomadic Mutt. A good playground workout takes around 20 minutes of your time & can be done once or twice a week or even daily to manage your daily body needs.

All these tips along with an active lifestyle are required to stay fit during your whole life. After all a healthy body is the way to a healthy person.

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