Touring around Florence, Italy

Italy is known around the world for its architecture, history, culture, and excitement. One of the cities in Italy, which is also one of the most famous cities in Europe is Florence. With amazing churches and domes, palaces, stunning sights to see, and such cute and exciting culture and lifestyle, this is the place you should plan your next trip to. All the sights and landscapes, buildings, and architecture make Florence such a wonderful place to be at. You need some days to properly explore this Italian city and get to enjoy your time here. Some of the best icons of Italy are here in this famous city.

Get a look at some of the famous places you can visit during your visit here to Florence.

1: Santa Maria Del Fiore

This is a stunning building and architecture to explore and view. This cathedral complex consists of some of the amazing masterpieces together in a small area. You can go visit the museum, the cathedral, the bell tower, and other buildings here you will get to look at some of the marvelous artwork and the stunning architecture made at the time of the Italian renaissance. The buildings are made beautifully and are covered with marble outside and have glass work indoors making the whole cathedral complex look stunning wherever you go. Visit this beautiful complex when you are here in Florence.

2: Ponte Vecchio

This is the oldest and the most famous bridge here in Florence. This bridge has numerous stories to tell about what happened in past. This bridge is now home to many high-end jewelry shops from where you could get for yourself some beautiful jewelry and have a stroll across the river, enjoying the view. couples used to come here and put a padlock on the fence and throw the key of the lock in the river. It was believed that those who would do this would stay together forever. However now people are fined for doing so. Get to Ponte Vecchio and look at different elements of history and present together.

3: Uffizi Gallery

Once a place to house government offices called the Uffizi Palace, now is known as the Uffizi gallery. This gallery is known to be one of the greatest art museums in the world. This gallery has different artworks from the renaissance period. If you are a fan of art and want to learn more about how the artist in the renaissance period developed western art and want to see some of the artworks of famous artists of that period then this is the place for you. You should plan a day to visit this art gallery and look around at.

4: Boboli Garden

Behind the Pitti Palace, you can see a stunning garden which is covering acres of the area of the hillside, the Boboli Garden. This garden was built by the Medici family in the mid-16th century. This garden is properly maintained and you can enjoy a pleasant time here with nature and fresh air. Going up the hillside you can get to look at the stunning view of the city. You can also visit the Casino del Cavaliere which is a place that has a collection of royal families’ porcelains.

5: Mercato Centrale

If you want to get to know more about the locals and the daily chores and lifestyle of the people here in Florence then you can visit the Mercato Centrale which is the food market of Florence. Here you can get some amazing street food in this market. Get here and shop for some spices, Tuscan, olive oil, and other things that you can get here in this local food market.


There is so much to look at and explore in this beautiful city that you can include in your trip. Italy is such a pretty country and every city here is important and stunning to visit and explore. You can learn so much here and get to taste authentic Italian cuisine. A lot of travelers visit this city and spend some time here. You can easily walk around the place and enjoy all the museums, churches, bridges, places important to the history and get to learn about it.

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