Travel Accessories for a hassle-free journey

While packing for our vacation, we pay attention to a lot of things like shopping the right kind of clothes, picking the most comfortable pair of shoes, food and drink items, chargers, etc. But still, the trip is not hassle-free. This happens because somewhere we all lack the art of packing- packing the right things in the right place for the right destination. You don’t need everything for a particular destination, nor do you need to pack tactfully everywhere. A one day trip might not call for the hacks of packing but a long trip does. Similarly, there are so many essentials and accessories that vary from trip to trip. But there are some accessories that are meant for every possible vacation you go to. They aid your trip in the best way and make sure you have a trouble-free journey!

Mirror phone case

A mirror phone case will act as a substitute for your makeup and vanity. With this phone case, you can have multiple benefits. You can simply dress up by looking at yourself in this mirror. Carry a lipstick, kohl, and compact in your sling bag and all you have to do is turn your phone around to look in the mirror. No matter where you are- in a flight or car, in a restaurant or even your hotel room. You won’t have to look for a mirror for dressing up at any point in your vacation. You will have an entire vanity power-packed in your kit. Moreover, it is surprisingly durable! You can always check your lipstick or smudged eyeliner and re-do it sitting anywhere.

An Adaptor case

As far as cosmetics are concerned, we have mentioned the mirror phone case. But this one is more about survival and communication in a faraway land. One must always make sure that his/her phone battery doesn’t die on a trip. If this happens, it becomes really difficult to inform someone about your whereabouts in an estranged country. But then, packing computer chords, chargers, memory cards, and cables can become too much of a hassle. Therefore, all you need is an adapter case that can fit perfectly in any handbag. This pouch will keep all your wires and charging essentials intact and entangled from each other. It is the perfect pick for your vacation so that you have a hassle-free journey.

Mini Power Strip

Talking about gadgets, this mini power strip is the best thing you can have for your family trip. Yes, in case you are traveling with your family members or a group of people, this will aid all of you in charging your phones, batteries or cameras at the same time. Such power strips can charge multiple phones and a laptop too. Such a nifty and handy gadget that this one is, it is great for traveling as it is super compact. It can easily fit in your handbag and also won’t take any extra space. Pick this one right away so that you or any of your family members or companions do not lose your phone’s battery at any point on your journey.

Packing Cubes

Packing cubes are the most precious accessories for your travel vacation. If you need to pack some delicates along with your regular apparel, then you would need these packing cubes. A set of packets in vivid colors, packing cubes are an organization accessory. they organize all our pieces in different packets so that we are at ease. This way one knows what is packed in which cube and can easily open only that particular cube. This hassle-free packing is something you can do if you wish to avoid any kind of trouble on your trip. Make separate packing cubes for shoes, clothes, lingerie, accessories and utilize the most of your bag space.

Digital Luggage scale

Pick a digital luggage scale for yourself that is handy. This one will help you in all those times when you know you have shopped too much at a destination. You can stuff the things in your bag and then measure the weight of each bag and then adjust clothes accordingly. It is beneficial because it helps you to avoid any extra baggage fees at check-ins. If your bag is overweight, simply add minute things to your handbag and lighten up the main bag. Unpack and repack accordingly.

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